Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Oxford Fucking Ohio's Scandalous Blog Mild Compared to Life in the Local Higher Education Underground

OXFORD, Ohio (ZP) -- I first became conscious of the darker side to being an "outed" blogger more than a year ago.

I'm very aware of the fact that, living and working in a socially conservative community, one where even the bulk of supposed progressives are nothing more that Limousine Liberals with doctorates and a crumbling Ivory Tower to shield them from reality, there are numerous folks who find this blog scandalous.

There are people who cringe every time they read, afraid of what dirty little secret I may post about, downright terrified that I may write about some skeleton in the closet.

I'm not talking about my personal life here, either.

* * * *

What if, for instance, I ever get around to writing a post about the prevalence of drugs like OxyContin and cocaine in the local Higher Education Underground?

I've met students, off-campus and outside of work, who are more than willing to volunteer information about their estimates of usage. I have yet to experience a weekend during the school year where I don't run into at least five or six hardcore drug users - and that number almost always includes young white women from affluent families.

Pot? Please. That's as ingrained in Higher Ed culture as overpriced textbooks. But drugs like "hillbilly heroin?"

Hell, I once found an eight-ball of meth outside of a bar, laying on the ground. I'd watched as a young woman accidentally dropped it while digging through her purse. One of her party told her she's dropped something, and the girl, looking down, said loudly, It's only an eighth.

Only an eighth of Tweak? Wow. (Flushed, by the way.)

Now that's scandalous.

* * * *

Or what about that post I could write about the so-called Landis Affair. Back in 2004, a male student went on trial for the rape of female student - after he'd been allowed back on campus and the Local U. "accidentally" failed to notify campus residents that, well, there was a convicted sexual predator re-enrolled at the ol' Public Ivy.


No clue why students and local residents would suspect a cover-up. It's not like there's a letter from U.S. Department of Education from ten years ago floating around on the Internet, documenting a history of "accidental" failures to adequately document crime statistics or anything...

In all fairness, the Local U. has taken steps to address this issue and, thanks to initiatives launched by a new administration, there could be at least a glimmer of hope ... for the Class of 2017.

* * * *

I once learned from a blog reader that they'd overheard colleagues gossiping about the ol' blog and how potentially dangerous I am because of how I live my life and what I post about on this silly thing.

Wanna talk dangerous?

Here's a figure from the offline world of Oxford Fucking Ohio's dangerous blogger.

Privately, I've heard as many as 10 tales involving suspected acquaintance rape a month since I became more open and public about my blog persona. I hear similar tales offline as well.

Rape Culture? Lord, given what I've heard, we may be building a Rape Civilization. A while back, while following Cooper's stellar commentary over the Duke Lacrosse scandal, the first thing that came to mind was it's not a question of if that could happen here, but when.

It's been two months since I received the last one. While I'm hopeful that this may be an indicator of a decline in the violence against young women - and men - in this community, I'm not holding my breath.

Because of this, I keep contact information regarding Oxford's Community Counseling and Crisis Center, the Local U.'s Women's Center, and various other community resources handy at all times.

And, well, don't get me started on the recent closing of the local Planned Parenthood.

Fortunately for those local residents with access to transportation, there are still clinics in the area. But for the community's poorest residents, the ones without cars or who are too young to legally drive, well...

* * * *

Recently, several readers and blog friends have inquired about my employment status.

There's apparently a rather malicious rumor floating around town, one where I've been summarily fired from my position because of this ol' blog, a rumor that speculates that I've been forced out because of the sometimes controversial subject matter.

Rest assured. I'm still here in Oxford Fucking Ohio.

Actually, I just accepted a reappointment for a fourth year at the ol' ZenFo Pro Library.

But that acceptance is not without controversy. Friends are shocked that I'd voluntarily choose to turn down non-librarian job offers, all of which involved more money, to continue living in, as my own mother describes it, a pitiful excuse for a college town.

I had an ex who, upon learning that I'd turned down an offer in Los Angeles for almost triple my salary, sent me a rather long email detailing her belief that I've completely lost my fucking mind. One friend accused me of settling for babysitting rich kids rather than risk a job change.

So why would I choose to stick around for one more year, anyway?

Here's a hint. It has nothing to do with the job.

* * * *

Rather than come up with some lengthy explanation, some pointless diatribe about some mystical dedication to Higher Education and scholarship, I'm going to do something a bit different.

For those who've emailed me at any time over the past, oh, six months, you may have noticed a rather substantial delay in my response time in regards to anything related to this blog's content. That's because I prioritize responses based, first, on a reader identifying themselves as either a local or "regular" at my library, followed by fellow bloggers that I've known for a while, and then by random lurkers or commenters.

I've tried to figure out some way of demonstrating the kinds of communiques, via instant messaging, texts (for those who have my personal number), email, and even random Post-its left on my office door or my truck.

I recently realized that I was keeping too much blog-related ephemera, a violation of a personal blogger philosophy dating back to the days when I actually had time to do Zenformation Mail posts.

While deleting, overwriting, and shredding the various notes, I collected a few samples to provide folks with a sampling of the kind of "mail" I've received from Local U. readers since the beginning of Fall Semester 2006 (I apologize for not correcting typos):

If I had teachers like you when I was a student there I wouldn't have transferred. But they fire all the good ones. What up dude?
Every time i read this thing i get pissed. i seriously want to kick your teeth in. fuck you.
Thank you so much for helping me with my capstone project last summer. I know you're not [student's subject specialist] but I just thought you could help because you seem to know what its like to be a student. That's awesome. Never change!
i hope they fire your sorry ass and your sucking dick down with the niggers in Cincinnati fucker.
I just wanted to say hey and make a suggestion. Somebody really needs to talk about women's safety here. I love your style and hope the boneheads here don't give you trouble in the bars in uptown.
...when i came to college i was expecting to do like my brother and have a chance to hang out and socialize with my professors outside of class. but they don't do that here. it should be against the law to teach and then fucking blow off students. i can't even get in to see my adviser but shes a bitch anyway...
hey r u gonna talk about how fucking retarded it is that ppl won't shut the fuck up in the quiet study in [the ZenFo Pro library]? i'm sitting here trying to write a paper and i'm about to choke these chicks next to me...
go shelve sombooks or something. the library is stupid. and all ya'll that work there are gay.
How do I file a complaint about being charged for a lost Ohiolink book? hello! beer money :)
hey j. um this is stupid but theres a guy who works for you that my roomate thinks is totally hot. could i get his number or would that get u in trouble?
Okay random question. Is it true that all guys like anal? i've been seeing this guy for a while and i want to try it but he says that would make him gay. Is that true?
when are ya goin to post about all the other shit? my friend [NAME WITHHELD] said she talked to you about sexual assault and how ppl think they cover it up for enrollment. whats up?
hey we met the other nite. can we hang out or will you get fired?
Dear Zenpro :) I just wanted to say that after I had some problems last semester reading your blog really made me feel better about being different at [Local U.] I don't know if you care or not but I am a rape survivor. u can share that just don't use my name. It was so hard just getting through that and I just wanted you to know that you make me laugh sometimes and the thing you wrote about standing up for those high school girls really hit home for me...
Hi. Are you an alcoholic?
Dear Zenformation Pro: I graduated from [Local U.] in 1996. I can't tell you how much my wife and I enjoy your web site. It's a much needed source of information for alumni who remember when student life in Oxford Fucking Ohio was so much different than it is today. I'm actually glad the students have someone like you to remind them that college is only part of life and that the world doesn't revolve around them. Keep up the good work.
Hi and thanks for responding so quickly. Will I get into trouble though if i request the book? i know you say i won't but i don't want people to make fun of me who work there.
what the hell do single guys do in this fucking town, man?? If i don't meet a normal girl in the next week i'm gonna go blind. you know what i mean.
Fuck those drunk Northface bitches. you need to date a western girl.

I often have folks ask me if I'm ever worried about retaliation for some of this blog's content, or if I'm concerned with pissing people off to the point where I could end up hurt. In all honesty, I worry about offending people in real life more than I worry about offending local blog readers.

The ones I've met in person, at least these days, are really cool about the whole thing. Often, whenever I post something about life in Oxford, they're the first to IM me, usually after last call at the bars on Thursdays or Fridays, asking me if I've gotten any negative feedback.

You know, it's amazing how many students are damned shocked to discover that I'm still up past last call and, hell, I'm usually just getting back home myself at three in the morning on the weekends...

* * * *

And if you were to ask me who reads this thing, what type of local fits the Zenformation Professional profile, well, your guess would be as good as mine. I'm constantly shocked. There isn't a profile, really, though I will go out on a limb and say that, well, they tend to be more responsible, well-rounded, and intelligent that the stereotype of the Local U. student held by many people in the region.

Hell, even the Townies from the various surrounding townships are way too hot and friggin' smart for their own good.

* * * *

Recently, I even guessed wrong when I assumed that someone I just figured fit the profile read this thing.

I ended up giving her the URL and, lord, I hope to God she's not judging me too harshly.

A student employee at my library. She'd made a few comments about my personal life that, well, kinda led me to believe that she was a lurker...

Dammit. She fit the profile...

* * * *

I also discovered that a young woman who spends an ungodly amount of time in my library, who I've seen almost every day for two years, reads this thing. I caught her just as she was closing her laptop as I walked by this morning.

I asked her, point-blank, why she was bothering to read this damned site, why she wasn't off being a supermodel or something. To be honest, I don't think I've seen a patron turn that red in a long time.

But, hey, she looked like the kind of woman the world needs as a supermodel - surrounded by stacks of books, decked out in sweats and a ratty tee shirt, and, well, looking like a real, un-artificially tanned human being.

That's called learning, kids. And learning is pretty damned sexy.

Anybody remember that Information is Power poster?

Made my friggin' month.

She said she liked it. And I'm funny. And real.

I left it at that, but told her she could always stop by my office if she needed some help. And to not spend so much time sleeping on the couches on the second floor, to get out and suck the marrow out of her college experience.

Information overload's a GPA killer. Trust me.

I'm not only a blogger; I'm also a real, honest-to-God information professional.


* * * *

There is a dark side to being an "outed" blogger in a small college town. Fortunately, its not the blog readers and its not my colleagues, who've been more than accommodating in terms of my rather, er, interesting writing style.

Why am I still here, anyway? Why not just leave, or do like most educated people who work here and choose the hour's commute from Cincinnati or Dayton over life in Oxford Fucking Goddamn Ohio?

I guess that I just don't like the idea that there are people who believe that I can be chased out of anything, simply because I choose to live (and document) my personal life as I see fit.

I realize that there are folks who loathe this site, who wish I'd just go away, or that I'd turn this thing into a "Hi my name is Jason and this is what I did at work today" kinda blog.

Ain't happening.

Feel free, however, to hold your breath, organize a mass suicide in protest, or to, well, kiss my ass while you're waiting for hell to freeze over and for me to change who I am to accommodate a few critics.

I'm sticking it out in Oxford because, well, I can do whatever I want. It's a free country.

For one more year, at least, you'll be dealing with one dangerous, scandalous librarian who blogs about anything and everything, live from a tiny little town in southwestern Ohio. And it probably won't be pretty, either.

Hell, I readily admit that my personal life's a car crash in a lonely desert, a regular bitch and a half. Trust me, that's more than can be said for half the "grown-ups" in this town. I refuse to live in a world of whispered secrets, one where maintaining an image is more important that being one's self.


Somebody's gotta be the scholarly troublemaker. And what's a small college town without a heapin' dose of trouble, anyway?

I kinda like being considered one of the most dangerous people in this here corner of the middle of fucking nowhere.

Just for being my normal, everyday, tequila-swillin', chainsmokin', chatty, flirtin', punk music listenin', guitar-pickin', bloggin' librarian.

That's fucking badass.

# # #


Anonymous said...

haha so i thought you didn't blog about work! not mad at all about you posting about it. was really embarrassing but cool too. you really area flirt =P

Woeful said...

"Dangerous?" Many people just can't handle honesty and forthrightness. The ZenfoPro is too real and that annoys some people. Too bad.

coyotemike said...

It amuses me that the people who leave you threatening notes are the ones who show the least intelligence (not to mention writing skills), while the ones who like your work show a marked intelligence, and perhaps even a desire to LEARN SOMETHING while in college.

I know that is a radical idea (at least to many of my students . . . "why do I need this stupid lit class? I'm a industrial tech major, I don't need to read anything."

Stay dangerous :)

Megan said...

Okay. I'm one of those people who lurks. I can see honestly why some people get offended. I just think they don't get it. Youre what 27 and you live in a boring college town where there's nothing to do but play beer pong or hang out at the library. It drives me crazy sometimes and there's only so much netflix a person can take.

Haven't heard the rumor but I've never met anyone else that reads the blog. I was at Mac and Joes when that girl started yelling at you and people started texting everybody and their mother saying there was going to be a fight. You really are a smooth operator though. I don't think you realize that which is really a cool thing.

Sorry for the book. Keep it up. You're getting me through my Miami Plan classes :)

Anonymous said...

hey Jason,

i've just come across your blog - interesting reading, you are a talented writer. Remember this is your blog and you can write whatever the f*ck you want to write. if people don't like it, that's their problem.
At least you make them think!
Just curious, when in May is your b'day? From one Taurean to another,
have a good night.

The ZenFo Pro said...

Well, it's not completely work-related, and it's not like I'm revealing any classified or confidential information... :) And, as I've told even other librarians who read this, my library is one of the most heavily used facilities in Butler County - beating, in terms of gate count, some shopping centers and sports venues.

Glad you weren't pissed :)

Oh yeah, definitely. And I knowit really pisses some people off that I'm so cavalier about it, too.

Yeah, librarians are never allowed to have a sex life... ;)

Lol, yeah, I went back and added an apology, mainly to the more positive comments, for not correcting grammar or spelling. Composing emails is becoming a lost art and, well, texting costs too much money for unnecessary letters...

Fortunately, not as many bad ones as I used to get when I started this damned thing.

They do indeed! That's the cool thing. And I do kinda get off on the fact that I hear from way too many people lately that, lol, nobody thinks I'm really a librarian because I'm too down to earth to work where I work.

Hear that kinda thing all the time, dude. ITs a huge problem with Higher Ed in general and a big reason why I think its high time to rethink the specialization v. liberal arts divide. The interconnectivity of various disciplines is being lost somewhere.

Hey, thanks for the lurker comment! Lol, well, if it makes you feel any better, if I weren't so easily amused, I'd be bored out of my skull. And I think that's where a large portion of the problems with binge drinking, drug abuse, etc., originate. Take 20,000 people, age 18-22, lock them in a town for four years with very few extracurricular activities, and you're gonna get games like "Edward Fortyhands" and women slipping guys roofies...

Hell, only in Oxford would a straight guy turn down heterosexual anal intercouse because of fears of losing masculinity points. Lord, I reread that as I was writing the post and really feel sorry for anyone doing the traditional exploring sexuality in college thing at the Local U.

Smooth operator? Moi?

Hahahaha. That's funny :)

Lol, I'm a Gemini/Taurus cusp, according to some folks ... May 20.

Yup. Me and Busta Rhymes. And Cher.

Hey, thanks for the international feedback, too! And the compliments and support. Feel free to stop by and say hi at any time : )

Jess (Fullerton) said...

OMG! I was checking the links and saw you had Nina Hartley's book listed.


Miami students read Nina Hartley? Wow you may just save those poor girls there yet. :-D

Make sure you told that chick that yes anal sex can be enjoyablefor women if done properly, nothing's forced, and there's plenty o lube involved. and yeah its not uncommon for guys to question their sexuality the first time. I'm sure ya did, ya big freak :-P

I could see having visited Oxford some of the religious people freaking the fuck out having a woman empowered enough sexually to experiment.

Okay. I'll just call later.

The ZenFo Pro said...

Lol, you know, I've been feeling like the only defender of sex-positive feminism in this area (hey, don't blame me that the anti-porn RadFems lost the Porn Wars of the 80s), so I've gotta do my part to help corrupt the youth of America with access to "dirty" books :)

As for anal sex, well, duh. Hell, I'm not sexpert.

Actually, I think I asked if she had a sexually active gay male friend she could seek advice from offline as well. Some things are harder to communicate via IM than others :)

Lol...and people wonder why I felt the need to post about being controversial.

Casey Kochmer said...

:) heh sorry I haven't bebopped by more often of late.

Go strong!

Yup indeed, one more year of you being "fucking badass", is a pretty good sounding job to me!




WDL said...

not only in small college towns, but in small towns *period*

i was surpised the other day when a relatively untechy coworker showed my blog to someone during a back office training.

i was shocked and horrified, and vowed to write even prissier things than normal for a very long time.

let them silently judge me. i'm not going to lie - i've made several of my own all ready.

again, shout it. amen to all you said and will say, and have thought of saying.


The ZenFo Pro said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by and no worries. I've been trying to catch up on blog readings myself this week...


Yeah, I've had similar experiences myself. Lol, at least it keeps 'em from asking me to teach a "Blogs as MEdia" class ;)

Oh yeah... I've been holding back a bit lately, partly because, well, I've been not trying to cause any fuss. Not going to do it anymore.

I'll drink to that :)

DaytonGirl said...

hey i made a post. kewl :)

Hahaha I paid for the oh-link book b/c they weren't going to let me graduate. thanks for the help!

and i so feel famous now.

The ZenFo Pro said...

Hey, glad at least one person isn't pissed off about me using their words :)

Lmao. Famous? Nah.Your life is much bigger than any stupid blog. And glad you made it, chica!

Miz BoheMia said...

I keep thinking all the anons are Cooper! Where she at? ;-P

Well, needless to say I don't get this bug up so many people's asses I tell you! It is shocking to me to see that people have some form of bone to pick with what you write. But since I agree with you, well, it figures, no?

I recently got an email from a 74 year old who lives in Malaga, where I live, and saw me on YouTube and felt the need to write me to tell me that it was a shame that a "kinda cute" girl like me felt the need to be so vulgar and low class. Hmmmm.

Yes, he got the full Miz B treatment but, guess what, he seemed to like it and keeps writing me with links to good grammar sites. Fucker!

Do you know I am reading you from Barcelona (in the hopes that soon I shall be doing so from SF?)... *le sigh*

And, amigo mio, you seriously turned down a job in LA that pays three times what you get now? Well, I can understand turning down LA but let it never come to my attention that you would turn SF down! *Gaspetty Gasp* Now that would be a sin if ever there was one!

Well, I am literally blabbing away but all this to say I find you faboo, utterly funkified, and I hereby do declare that the world needs troublemakers like you stirring up the shit in Oxford Fucking Ohio! Oh crap! There I go being all vulgar again! Ha, ha, haaaa!


The ZenFo Pro said...

MizB my Lovely Spanish-Whore Exposing Friend :):

Lmao, I still can't figure out what kinda comment I'm going to leave on MBR for you. Watching you and Loverboy's Gonzo documentary on the Spanish Sex Trade is cracking my shit up something fierce...

I dunno. Coop's probably off saving the universe or something...

Lol, I readily admit to being vulgar, crass, ill-mannered, and utterly untameable outside of work. I'm fairly disciplined in the office...fairly. I dunno. Probably because I live in the buckle of the friggin Bible Belt.

Hell, I once got dressed down because someone, overhearing a cell conversation outside a coffee shop, found it offensive that I referred to my lesbian friend on the other end as my favorite carpet-munching anarchist . Apparently, the woman was more upset that I wasn't trying to help my friend find heterosexuality in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ...errr.

"Kinda" cute? Homeboy should be drawn and quartered. You're just smokin', darlin' :)

SF? Oh hell no! I'd move to SF, even Oakland, in a heartbeat. could spend years couch surfing (kidding, friends may be reading). It was partly the type of job (back in the ol' fastpaced entertainment industry) and part because, well, I have no desire to ever live in an area where it takes an hour to go four blocks...

Lol, oh, chica, I LOVE the vulgarity! We need more raunch here, I tell ya. Keeps the ol' energy level up.

LMAO! The comments on this post are really starting to look like an even more twisted version of the comments in my high school yearbooks.

We've got profanity, references to sodomy, references to astrology, and bitching about small town life...

zydeco fish said...

"That's fucking badass."

True. Keep it up. This is the best librarian blog out there, no question.

daytongirl said...

hahaa yea they paroled me in December. Hey since I know where your office is can I stop by and talk now that I'm a graduate? Not hit on you but ask about something.[bf here in Columbus sorry but your cute]

Xmichra said...

... um.. i am still trying to figure out what the hel makes you dangerous. It must be the hightened intelligence.. or I'm out of ideas.

I had issues with not being able to write what i wanted.. and that really made the creative part of my brain implode. So much that now i have a secret-secret blog and that just sucks ass.

Besides, this is a SMALL world really. And given that you live in a place that has tons of colleges.. what the hell else do you think all the students are doing BESIDES posting naked pictures to mySpace??? lol... of course you will have many a reader from your town.

Seems to me that if people are so intent on trashing your site for 'dangerous content' .. they should likely stop reading it.

Silly people. =P (oh, and just for the record, you fucking rock. Just sayin').

The ZenFo Pro said...

Dude, I think that's the coolest compliment I've ever received.


Good Gawd, I'm a dork...

Hey, no prob. Send me an email letting me know when you're planning to drop by. Maybe we could do coffee instead? (Please don't make me talk blog in my cage, er, office :D )

Alums are always welcome.

Yeah, the not being able to write what you want sucks. I started out self-censoring mainly, well, so people I knew (friends, family, flings, etc.) were not exposed to unwanted Google searches by spouses, potential employers, or even their own "keepers," i.e. publicists, management and consultants. Slipped up once... almost ended up getting sued, so I understand COMPLETELY.

I, too, have a super-secret blog floating around out there, under my own, full name. I use it for poetry and other writings, when I just need to let it all hang out, though I still protect identities, unless I'm submitting the writing for offline publication - even then, just first names.

Very small world, indeed. The fact that anyone locally who searches this , this, or this on Google will find the ol' blog doesn't help much (actual searches from the IP tracker last night.)...

People are kinda silly. Guess they need to pick on somebody :)

The ZenFo Pro said...


Yes, if I were smart, I probably could've added a "noindex" Meta tag to block search engine 'bots to the HTML script. But, lol, once the cat's outta the bag...

Okay. Impersonation of stereotypical nerdboy stops here.

xboxgirl said...

Oh yeah, you are one dangerous scholarly, smokin' hot, sweetheart, 'fucking badass' librarian [and you like playing paintball, you are so awesome, and then some]:)

EsotericWombat said...

See, I had almost come to the conclusion that the oppertunity to change lives notwithstanding (given it's hardly a thing to cast aside but I hope I can be cut some slack for being rhetorical) you were a masochist of sorts.

Excellent post, dude.

Oh, and I was reminded of something a gay friend of mine said to a overly credulous straight dude. "it's not gay if you're on top." Or was it something he said would be his last resort if he got desperate... hmm.

Jess who likes it in the ass :-P said...

Sex-positive feminism kicks serious ass dude. and yea i don't think radfems realize they lost the sex wars. that's why they were easy targets for guys like borat. they'll bitch and moan about oppression and masoginy and patriacchal society but yea they'll be the last ppl to ever actually take responsibility for their own destiny.

i didn't see any of those sour pussies on fox laying the verbal beatdown on bill oreilly. but i did see jenna jameson and wendy mcelroy do it. seriously somebody needs to send big boxes of good highpowered dildos to half the antisex people and some fetish films and lots of lube with a note that says call me when you find your own fucking orgasm.

heh. i'm in some of those dirty books and movies. a lot of women are who read this sight i think. keep it up. sorry for the long rant too.

Anonymous said...

and yea one more thing.

no more bitching about how you look or not taking fucking compliments. hearing you complain about love handles in stupid. you wear what a size 30 men's jean??? you used to be much bigger when i fist met you in paso robles and you were friggin charming and adorable. stop that.

don't think women give you compliments bc you look like some supermodel. its because of your brain. get over it.


The ZenFo Pro said...

Lol, I wish I were smokin', but, alas, merely smoldering. :P

Ha, probably a bit of of self-sadism involved in my dicision to stick around...

Lmao. Very true. Last resort? Lord, this is the 21st century. Did he miss the memo that witch trials and bloodletting are now out of fashion, too?

Oh lord...let's see if that makes it through the spam firewall. Lol, why not just include a V!agra c!al!s cheap reference... ;)

Very good points about the Porn Wars. I've read or heard numerous discussions about how that stupid battle was probably a result of the failures of many post-70s radical women's groups to accomplish any major changes (ERA failures, the crumbling of abortion rights, the inability to combat the return of Religious Extremist movements into mainstream American politics, etc.)

Lol, Borat. Forgot about that.

Like the dildos idea. Wanna do a pilot program here? I'm sure somebody'd fund it if we called it something like "The Vibratory Women's Scholar Project for Masterbatory Excellence"

Sorry. Really can't spell this morning.

EsotericWombat said...

I should probably have mentioned that we were at an all-male Catholic high school at the time

The ZenFo Pro said...

Heh. You know, I guess that does make sense. And, lol, I remember the things I learned about sex in high school.

Lord, how many guys in America grew up hearing various versions of the urban legend about the girl who was talked into doing unholy things with a frozen meat product...

Lol, in my high school, the big thing was the belief that it was impossible for people of different races to procreate together.

Well, that explains the multiracial "Baby Boom" my hometown has experienced since I graduated from high school...

Lol. No catholic schoolboy jokes. Actually proud of myself :)

cooper said...

Jason, you are on a roll.

Keep it up.

The ZenFo Pro said...

Hey, thanks, chica!

xboxgirl said...

Yeah right, if you even remotely resemble those photos, you are smokin' HOT!................................[to Jess] Ahem, Jess, I give him compliments (about his looks) because he is damn good-looking.

The ZenFo Pro said...

Lol, thanks...reminder that I still haven't done my chinups today, too :)