Wednesday, March 29, 2006

How NOT to Address Sexual Assault Scandals as a University Official...

Rape probe grounds Duke lacrosse team
Jeff Barker, Baltimore Sun
March 29, 2006

DURHAM, N.C. -- Duke University said Tuesday night that it won't allow its nationally ranked men's lacrosse team to play any more games until a series of questions are answered about allegations that an exotic dancer was sexually assaulted by team members at their house on the edge of campus.

"Sports have their time and place, but when an issue of this gravity is in question, it is not the time to be playing games," Duke President Richard H. Brodhead said...


I agree completely with Duke president Richard Brodhead's nifty statement. Sounds wonderful. The perfect thing for a university president to do, to say, in the wake of a huge scandal.

So why did this guy choose to hide out from the local news media? WRAL-TV apparently wanted to do an in-depth on campus reaction to the scandal. According to the reporter's account, the WRAL news team was told that the president wasn't on campus.

The he's out of town excuse only works when the reporters don't catch you walking across campus ...

Rally Held at Duke University as Authorities Investigate Rape Allegations
WRAL-TV, Raleigh, North Carolina
When there are demonstrators PROTESTING outside of a university administration building, when there's community outrage over the perception that a university is working on a cover-up, hiding from the press is never a good strategy.

Maybe the Duke administration should take its own advice.

Now is not the time to play games, and that sentiment doesn't just apply to a few student-athletes.

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cooper said...

Coming from an area where Lacrosse is huge and having friends that play lacrosse on several div 1 and 3 top ten college teams I will tell you that this is a huge story. It is one sport that I have always been able to watch...

I have noidea why the president wasn't around but actually feel he has done what he can until the dna tests come back. The media might have been
better off trying to get an interview with the coach for all I know.

This is huge embarassment for them and an atrocity if it happened. This is one thing about college athetes that has always slayed me....they seem
so ignorant in some ways so beast like. If they did it I hope they cut off their dicks, tie little lacrosse heads on them and use them to shoot balls into a net.

The ZenFo Pro said...

Coop, I agree completely. Hell, I grew up in Virginia and was friends with the son of a rather well-known Div. III coach. Lacrosse is huge on the East, and there's now a blossoming pro league. It's a tragedy in so many ways. Lacrosse doesn't have the big donor shield basketball has.

The Prez made a huge mistake. He was caught in a lie. Somebody more than likely cooked it up to help free up his schedule to deal with other issues. But lying is the one thing to NEVER get caught doing with these things. I'm pretty sure he may be on the unemployment line because of this...

Anonymous said...

Man I've been reading for a few days now and I wanted to say i think you have an awesome blog. thanks for posting the video link. it is a stupid thing for a president to do.
Rock the fuck on dude

JMT said...

Well check out what Duke's Athletic Director said:
"They're wonderful young men. They are young men and sometimes young men make bad decisions, bad judgments."
I think a bad decison is when you get the day-old sushi or you buy a shitty car.

Cowgirl said...

I agree; a bad decision is along the lines of wearing the wrong tie with a suit or eating something when the date on the package has expired.

The ZenFo Pro said...

Hey, thanks!

Very stupid thing. He's in a rather disgusting situation. For more, read Cooper's posts on the subject:
Rape Culture???????? Ridculous????????

Agreed. Reminds me of what Gary Barnett said about Katie Hnida - one of his OWN PLAYERS - in his misguided effort to shield Colorado football players from a rape investigation.

Look how that worked for him...

Agreed. And I think there's a lot of folks at Duke who's careers in higher ed are now expired.

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