Friday, November 18, 2005

Stupid Politician Tricks:
Dick's Got Backbone Problems; Chavez and Fox Throw Tantrums

Now, a quick look at more stupid politician tricks from around the globe...

U.S. Vice President 's recent attack on Iraq War opponents earns him the top spot this week.

So peace activists are spineless, Mr. Vice President? Rewriting history, Mr. Vice-President?

Wow. That takes some major cajones, Mr. Cheney. I'm all in favor on not rewriting history.

Since we're being so honest about history, let's take a look at some history.

The current president, your boss, spent the Vietnam conflict protecting the frigging Gulf Coast from the Viet Cong while thousands of men died and defended their country. And working on political campaigns was way more important than actually showing up for duty, right?

Mr. Cheney, how many deferrments did you get to keep your brave ass out of Southeast Asia? Five? Must've been nice, sitting all warm and cozy back in the States while guys like John McCain, John Kerry, Max Cleland, and scores of others went into the meatgrinder. Hey, at least you got a daughter out of it. A lot of folks came out of Vietnam missing sons , bothers, husbands, and lovers.

Of course we don't want anybody revising history, Mr. Cheney.

Sure, those who actually fought and died didn't have the to have rich mommies and daddies, friends who could pull strings, or the ability to use pregnancy to get out of fighting a war.

You're such a brave guy, Dick. I wish I had your kind of backbone.

I always wondered what it would be like to have the fortitude of a chickenhawk and the spine of a jellyfish.

Tied for the No. 2 spot this week...

's (left) and 's earn weekly honors for their territorial pissing contest this week.

Chavez apparently decided it was appropriate to pick a fight with Mexico, referring to the Mexican president as an American lapdog and several other nasty things. Fox demanded an apology from the Venezuelan president. Both countries have reportedly withdrawn ambassadors over the presidential sissy fight.

Both Central American leaders have now managed to become the and of international politics.

In a related news item, like, oh my God, I think Lindsay Lohan may have, like, totally pissed off, like Fidel Castro.


Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...

I'm sure the dickless dick wouldn't appeciate you're history lesson, they make the history fit the crimes so to speak.

Anonymous said...

Attacking Cheney is one thing, but Hugo Chavez is a hero in my book because he stood up against Bush and won. Fox is a lapdog of the American empire and I'm starting to think you're one of those closet Bushies.

The ZenFo Pro said...

LOL...I'm sure he gets that lesson everytime he gets driven past the Wall.

Just because a guy stands up to Bush doesn't necessarily mean that person's a good guy. Look at Iran and North Korea. I think Fox is less a lapdog of Bush than he is a lapdog of Mexico's conservative movement. And, LOL, its nice to know I pissed off another anonymous poster...this time a LEft-Leaner. I guess I'm a bipartisan offender :)

G said...

Nicely done, J. The bitch in this librarian gives his props. ;-)