Friday, November 18, 2005

Local OxBlogger Braves Cold to Raise Living Wage Awareness

Who says there's no social activism at Miami?

I have to give a shoutout to Ogbuefi Stephi at blOgbuefi, who braved 20 degree weather to hand out fliers in an effort to raise awareness about the need for a living wage standard at Miami.

Stephi is part of a group, Students for Staff, dedicated to helping improve the pay rate for university employees.

The university's labor contract expires next June. Classified staff members went on strike two years ago, and the campus group seeks to avoid another work stoppage by advocating a more fair pay scale.

This woman stopped by office Thursday to say hi, pamphlets in her hand, fully-loaded backpack, bundled up and ready to raise a little social consciousness at her U.

She and her fellow campaigners canvased the campus, hitting the major student areas.

From what I've heard, there were a lot of staff who noticed.

Kudos, Steph! We still have to find time for coffee. I'm buying.


Ogbuefi Stephi said...

thanks for the post, J.

true, the cold was brutal, and the reactions were sometimes frustrating and disappointing...

but, those few who were responsive and gracious, well, they made my time and effort worth something.

i'll see you around soon (i'm flyering again next week) and we definitely need to get coffee some time! ;)


pia said...

Think it's great that you're higlighting living wages

Hate to say how much my best friend makes in New York and considers herself poor; she has a 5'10" 14 year old daughter--might be skinny, but the girl can eat, and should

Won't say anything about Cheney because I'm trying to be nice all week in the name of Thanksgiving and having been given a great plug

But it's sooooo hard. However Alices Restaurant is a Thanksgiving song; so I can say that history was rewritten a long time ago.

There's a big myth that many people who hate the war in Iraq believe. They believe that every person who protested Viet Nam was mean to troops

Now people can see how that myth began, because I was a 13 year old when my friend's parents took us to our first peace rally, and I don't think any rally Tony Randall hosted could be called inflammatory, or that people walked around with rocks to throw at troops

The ZenFo Pro said...

More than welcome, chica :-) It was also nice to see/hear that some profs are requiring attendence.

I noticed you were playing nice this week ;). Yeah, that was an amazing plug you got! Kudos again. Sorry I haven't stopped by lately; I've been pulling the long hours at work.

Cheney's such an easy target - I almost felt bad for picking on the guy. You're right about the Vietnam protesters - a small minority ened up giving a larger group a bad rep.

Brit said... of my professors wants meto go to this thing for credit. can you believe that? i saw these letters to the editor in the miami student about the whole thing but i don't know what the big deal is really. i mean, at least MU staff hafve jobs right?

Ogbuefi Stephi said...

holy shit, i can't believe you can say that, brit!

"at least they have jobs?!" do you realize that those jobs require so much physical, not to mention mental strength and energy, (and time, let's not forget that!) that asking them to work those positions for the pay they're getting now is just a small degree short of slave-driving?

not to exaggerate, but miami u's labor practices are anything but humane. and this from an institution striving to become first in 2009?

all i can say is that it's a good thing you have a professor who cares enough about the education you're getting to MAKE you go. that's right, brit, education is actually about so much more than grades and book-learning.

it's about earning your global citizenship.

so go on the 29th. you'll probably learn something.

The ZenFo Pro said...

Agree with Stephi on this one. Its important to get involved in campus affairs, because campus life is supposed to be a reflection of who you will be in the "real" world. Saying at least they have jobs kind of moots the point and comes across as cold. Sure, a lot of folks on't have jobs, but we have labor laws to protect workers.