Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Brazilian Bishop on Hunger Strike

A South American friend of mine e-mailed this news item today. It does a wonderful job demonstrating what's missing from a lot of Western protest movements - the sheer will, faith, and sacrifice needed to create change in the world, to launch a cause, and to inspire people...

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil - Thousands of Brazilians converged on a modest white chapel on Tuesday where a Roman Catholic bishop is on hunger strike to protest government plans to alter the course of a river to irrigate parts of the country's arid northeast.

As Bishop Luiz Flavio Cappio celebrated his 59th birthday, thousands of sympathizers from northeastern towns and cities began converging on the chapel in Cabrobo, where Cappio has since Sept. 26 subsisted only on water drawn from the Sao Francisco River some 200 yards away...


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Ms. Monkeythong said...

Here's a joke for ya:

One day President Bush's advisors told him that three Brazilian soldiers had been killed in Iraq.

"Oh my God! Three Brazilian soldiers! That's terrible!" Bush said. He sat there in the Oval Office on the verge of tears. He just couldn't get over the deaths of the three Brazilian soldiers.

His advisors were perplexed. "Sir, while it's very sad about the three Brazilians, we don't understand why you're so upset."

"But it's three Brazilian!" Bush said. Then he paused. "Now, tell me again. How many is a Brazilian?"