Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Filling a Supreme Court Seat For Dummies:
Harriet Miers and Bush Administration Incest

I think this falls into the "NSS" (No Shit, Sherlock) File:

WASHINGTON (AP) - Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers picked up new conservative support on Wednesday, as the Republican Party continued to fracture over whether President Bush's White House counsel will make a suitable addition to the nation's highest court...


Meanwhile, over at Library Bitch...

Or so we should be hearing in a few months, as Harriet Miers has been nominated to the US Supreme Court by President George W. Bush to replace Judge Sandra Day O'Connor.

The issue with this pick is, unlike the John Roberts confirmation, there is little evidence of where Miers stands on several issues. Also unlike the Roberts confirmation, there is no Dancing Queen/possibly disturbed child funking out to the grooves of a Bush speech. The real concern here, however, is that Miers, again unlike Roberts, has never even been a judge.

Maybe the true reason for all of the president's recent "I know her heart" Yoda-like justification for nominating essentially a career flunky to the highest bench, courtesy of Bloomberg:

White House Counsel Harriet Miers's backers are stressing her evangelical Christian faith in urging skeptical conservatives to support her U.S. Supreme Court nomination.

Miers's religious conversion in the late 1970s, as recounted by Texas Supreme Court Justice Nathan Hecht, is being cited by the Bush administration in its drive to reassure conservatives that Miers shares their views on abortion and other social issues. She was picked by Bush to succeed retiring Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, whose vote has been decisive in upholding abortion rights.

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