Thursday, October 06, 2005

Fall Colors, MLB Playoffs, and, well, Chainsaw Massacres...
Halloween Season Underway at the Zenfo Pro Cave

God, I love October. Baseball playoffs and great hikes hrough local parks. Plus, my favorite holiday happens at the end of the month....Halloween. Whether folks call it Samhain, All Hallow's Eve, etc..., doesn't matter a lick to me. So many memories, so many great experiences.

I miss living in a community that marks Dia de los Muertos in November...there's nothing like feasting on sugar-candy skulls and tombstones while Mexicano Catholics celebrate the lives of deseased relatives. But c'est la vie.

As with every October, I huddle down in my humble abode the whole month, watching and praying for the NY Yankees to embarrass themselves and their outragious payroll, work on my numerological chart for the upcoming year, plan hiking trips, and watch way too many scary movies.

What's playing at the Zenfo Pro version of the Bat Cave? Hmmm...

Night of the Living Dead - The benchmark by which all zombie flicks are judged.
28 Days Later - The best zombie flick to ever come out of the UK.
Hellboy - The delux edition DVD rocks.
John Carpenter's The Fog - The 1980 low budget classic. Did I mention that Jamie Lee Curtis was one of my huge adolescent crushes?
Nosferatu - The German silent masterpiece. Created the vampire myth in film.
American Werewolf in London - The Warren Zevon theme song is probably the best part.
The Howling - Campy, lustful, and full of beautiful make-up work.
In the Mouth of Madness - Sam Neil is a creepy guy. Very creepy.
Mad Max - Before Mel Gibson went holy roller crusader with the Passion stuff, he was cranking out awesome post-apocalyptic Aussie cinema.


Anonymous said...

This is offtopic, but you've got to check this out, J-Man. Think you'll appreciate it.

Bush is falling with his ratings ... a neverending fall ... though the mouse guides him well. Have fun!

LibraryTavern Liz said...

I watched my tape of the Rocky Horror Picture Show the other nite ... maybe I'll have to dig out Night of the Living Dead--very effective when you live in the part of the country for which the emergency numbers shown on the tv reports within the film ARE ACTUALLY LOCAL NUMBERS!

Smurf said...

Is it OCTOBER already?!?