Wednesday, October 05, 2005

America's Ready for the GOP to Cut Some Dead Weight:
Tom DeLay, Conspiracies, and Political Worthlessness

The latest charges against former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay shock very few who've actually followed even part of his political career.

One group that should be anything but flabbergasted is the conservatives who have provided his political machine with financial support over the years, via his Texans for a Republican Majority.

While DeLay grandstands, throws out wild charges against the DA in charge of the case (a Grand Jury idicted his sorry ass, not Ronnie Earle), and tries to dodge questions regarding possible abuse of power to launder money for other candidates via the RNC, there are tens of thousands of progressives chomping at the bit, from all over the country, ready to gloat as the hammer drops on a political career.

DeLay's career, one way or the other, is over. It will either end either with DeLay in an orange jumpsuit or with the former powerbroker issuing a concession speech after his defeat in his bid for reelection after being cleared of charges. Either way, Tom DeLay is nothing more than political Dead Weight for the GOP.

There's no need for the dog-and-pony show amongst the Republican leadership, pledging muffled, vague support or for Majority Leader reinstatement after everything is said and done. Think Roy Blunt (R-MO), will continue to offer his support while serving as temporary House Majority Leader? Blunt's a more powerful fundraiser, with a low-key style, and less of a lightning rod for controversy.

Before anymore progressives jump on the bandwagon of "Burn DeLay Burn," it may be a good idea to take a look at the popular five-term Blunt's voting record. While DeLay may be seen as a dispicable nemesis to many on the Left, he at least has a high-profile track record. Sometimes, the enemy you know is much better than the hidden agendas of those you've never dealt with. If Blunt becomes the new House Majority Leader on a permanent basis (which I suspect is what he's being groomed for), nobody should cheer and say "we won!" What the hell'd you win? Political victories are only won at the ballot box, not in the kangaroo courts of Gallup Polls and talkshows.

From any way one looks at DeLay's career, progressives, conservatives, and populists alike are ready to see DeLay cut loose. The GOP knows he's a lame duck and his scandal could hurt other House GOP races. If the Democratic Party can find an issue to stand on next election (as opposed to the "Bush is a Bad Guy" platform that sunk John Kerry's 2004 bid and continues to be about the only focus of the DNC), they may have some reason to cheer a House victory.

Either way, America's done with Tom DeLay's leadership.

Politics ain't about no Democrats or Republicans. Its about vultures and coyotes. Somebody's gotta take care of the roadkill - just depends on how quick they get rid of the stink.

- One of a group of farmers at a Village Inn resturant in Evans, Colorado, sometime in 1997. [Recorded in an old journal of mine.]

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katherine said...

I love that quote at the end!!! so fuckin true. where did ya get it? sorry meant to ask yesterday but this blogger thing was being a bitch