Saturday, May 14, 2005

Its Saturday morning...still in my drawers, eating Luna bars and drinking coffee and filing my new, legally acquired MP3s that I've data mined from AlltheWeb and Dogpile. Tons of obscure hip-hop and lots of freebes from Absolutely Kosher Records (Berkley, California! Woo-hoo!). Click on the picture for their web site. Totally digging the new Bottom of the Hudson disc. Heard very good things.

As for the Luna bar thing...yes, its marketed as a "women's" nutrional bar. I know. Not very masculine. A girl I was mixed up with years ago turned me onto the damn things, and like a Bakersfield tweaker, I'm addicted to the damn things.

This girl had about every eating disorder known to man. She would, at times, eat a single 180-calorie Luna bar as her only meal for the day, sometimes two days.Often, the only edible foodstuff she had were these woman's bars. When I spent the night, I'd have to eat something in the morning. So I'd swallow my pride and eat these things.

"If you've never had a Luna and you're a man, there's perhaps nothing more humbling to the primal male urges than eating a freaking candy bar with women dancing on the wrapper. The first thing you want to do is kick in the glass ceiling and embrace your own internal Margaret Sanger."

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