Saturday, September 23, 2006

When Librarians Can Find Better Club Tunes Online Than in Your Local Clubs, Your Music Scene is in Trouble...

Last night, a relatively new reader dropped me a line. First-year student, extremely bored, stuck in a local dorm room with evil-ass sounding roommates, and extremely homesick.

I responded this morning, as follows:

Hey ________,

No worries about writing. Lol, I was a dorm rat once. Trust me, I am very aware that Oxford Fucking Ohio has probably the worst college music scene this side of Oral Roberts U.

When I found out Steve Fucking Miller - an act from my parents' generation - was scheduled to be the big music act on campus this year, I readily admit I threw up in my mouth, just a little bit. Not to knock Steve Miller, but college students deserve college music, from their era, not Mom and Dad's era. I've been to funerals that attract better bands than this town.

And yeah, the emo kids can kiss my ass, too. My advice is to ignore the scenesters, be yourself, and use your first year in college to find out who YOU are. Be yourself and figure out how to best play the Higher Ed game in a way that works for you.

I have no clue why the hell local undergrads haven't revolted against the overplaying of bad Crunk remixes in the local "dance" clubs. I'll see what I can do to help you find some good dance music. At least you'll have some tunes to listen to while ignoring your roomies' nyphomaniac tendencies.

~ Jason

Well, I guess this calls for another Zenformation Playlist...

* * * *

El Presidente, El Presidente (Red Ink, Sept. 12, 2006)
Who doesn't dig Scottish dance rock? This Glasgow-based band literally lit up Europe's underground last year, and they're making their way across the pond slowly. Feel free to download and shake the boo-tay.

DJ C and Pamelia Kurstin
, Mashit 002 12" (Mashit, Avail. Online)
Legendary Brooklyn Theremin artist Kurstin teams up with one of Boston's greatest beat artists. Sorta like dropping LSD while reading Albert Camus at a basement rave in high school. Er...not that I've ever done anything like that...

Dedicated to my late-night rock rambling buddy, Wombat.

Unit.R, Artist Website, 2006

Currently tearing up the MySpace Kingdom, this Cape Town, South Africa, quartet is, hands down, that country's Next Big Thing. This is "Fuck Your Significant Other Beneath a Disco Ball" music. A thousand times better than half the Electronica we're producing on this side of the Atlantic.

DJ Cheb i Sabbah,
La Ghriba-La Kahena Remixed (Six Degrees, 2006)
Algerian-born Cheb, according to his web site, performs at Underground SF (420 Haight, San Francisco) on Wednesdays, during World Music Night.

The Cold Archives Experiment, Scholarly Work, (2006)

My latest. Chopping up a little DJ Food, a couple of stock drum loops, and some static from an old Modest Mouse recording. Lost the notes I had for the tail. Possibly Yo La Tengo in there somewhere. What is the Serials Crisis? Well, if you've ever wondered why your academic library doesn't have that copy of that journal you need, it's probably because they can't afford it. More at Wikipedia.

There. Professional development done for the year.

Pete Philly and Perquisite, Mindstate (Epitaph, 2005)

Need something to listen to after a night of clubbing? Not a hip-hop fan? Need something mellow and jazzy, rap music your parents will love? Try this track. Perfect soundtrack for that 3 a.m. post-club trip to the coffee shop for tiramisu.

I had a student from Columbia University, of all places, IM me last week, bored and stuck doing research in that institute's humanities library. She found my blog while conducting this search on Google. For some reason, this track reminds me of that conversation.

Considerate Builder's Scheme, Exit to Riverside (Combination, 2006)
Unit.R has already made this list once, and now one of their best-known member is making the list a second time. The CBS is the hip-hop project of Justin de Nobrega - South Africa's answer to Timbaland.

Jedi Mind Tricks, Servants in Heaven, Kings in Hell (Babygrande, 2006)

What happens when Philly's legendary underground hip-hop act lifts its beats from Indie folk darling Sufjan Stevens, borrows one of Stevens' frequent collaborators for background vocals, and takes the sad-eyed songster to the mean streets? Some might call it the best damned hip-hop track of 2006.

# # #


Miz BoheMia said...

This is "Fuck Your Significant Other Beneath a Disco Ball" music.

Ha, ha, haaaa! That's a classic and brilliant description if ever there was one and my curiosity is most definitely piqued!

As for DJ Cheb i Sabbah... I may go and see him myself when I make it on over to SF!!! YEAH BABY YEAH!

Now, if only this damn house would sell! ;-)


Katie said...

Omg! Thank you! Loading them onto my iPod now :-)

yeah steve miler is parents music.

EsotericWombat said...

Man, I will knock Steve Miller. Dude only has one song that comes on the radio that I won't change the channel from, and even that's because I only end up hearing it about once a year. I can't imagine he's gotten better with age.

The whole point of listening to music from our parents' era is that the music with staying power has been, for the most part, the best music, so I'm not opposed to a classic rock act coming into town on principle, but the damn if I know how Steve fucking Miller made the cut.

EsotericWombat said...

woah... somehow missed the dedication. I do love me some Theremin. I have no experience with Albert Camus, high school basement raves, or LSD, but I think I get what you mean

Hmm... I wonder if anyone will think to make a Theremin simulator for the Wii... that would be awesome

Naomi said...

When it comes to first-year students, you're such a role model! I wonder what I would have done had I encountered someone like you when I was a college freshman. LOL

Doug said...

You kids and your musc. Got any SMB?

Angel, librarian and educator said...

Cool, listening to a couple of those now. Definitely things to add. Thanks for the tip. BTW, I wish someone could tell more undergrad the things you wrote in your reply, especially the one about it is the time to discover who YOU are. Best, and keep on blogging.

jacpb said...

not sure where these download fit n to my life but thanks for them.

Undergrad years faded quickly from my mind.

sassinak said...

people who listen to music the way you do blow me away. my best friend is like that, dude has approaching 2000cds and milk crates (like ten of them) full of excellent vinyl.

he'll play an old dylan pressing and then some steve reich and then keith jarrett and then the roots... or roots maneuva.

anyway the guy discourses about how keith jarrett is playing with this particular drum/bass combination which only ever played together once before and blah blah blah...

and i love it, i get so educated but i would never have the energy to do it myself. so props or kudos or whatever, i take mine hat off to thee.

alice from wonderland or not said...

Interesting mix Zenpro.

I see your life is still full of da drama - referrring to below...

Thanks for the post at Darfur... hope you are better.

The ZenFo Pro said...

Hey chica!!!

Aha! You and Loverboy can move back, get a babysitter, and, um, shake the boo-Tays yourself :)

You're welcome :)

Point well taken about parents music being important. But, yeah, Steve Miller is kinda lame. Didn't want to say it, but...

Hey, thanks for commenting again! Oh lord....role model?!? That's terrifying...

Lol. See...sarcasm does communicate well in Cyberspace ;)

Oh, trust me...I spend a lot of time telling undergrads person, via the blog, and IM. One day, it'll sink in...I hope :)

God, when did I become an optimist????

Lol...well, free tunes is free tunes :)

People like me? Ya mean, lol, music dorks? ;)

No prob, chica. I'm still trying to get back online slowly (some offline drama and work has been limiting my online activity recently), and I wish I had more time last week.

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