Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Glam Metal Fantasies, Defining Old School, Etc...

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Let Love In (Mute/Elektra, 1994)

For some reason, this song always reminds me of driving through Russell, Kansas - the birthplace of former senator Bob Dole.

Hey...don't look at me. No clue, really.

The Court and Spark, Hearts (Absolutely Kosher, 2006)
Just received the promo for this. Awesome country-rock ditty, a la Uncle Tupelo. One of the most promising acts I've heard out of the AK bullpen. [MP3 Here]

The Icarus Line, Mono (Buddyhead, 2001)
Lord, this song is really five years old?

I've probably heard this song at least four million times. Still dig the Goth-ish, grungy sound of this track.

Note to the mallrat emo kiddies I always seem to trip over down in Colerain...

You know that depressed-but-really-cool, skinny-red-ties and black-paramilitary-shirt thing My Chemical Romance has been selling you? Um... you know it's not, like, original, right?

People have been ripping off the Quasi-Nazi, White Duke era Bowie thing for years...

Mack 10, Bang or Ball
(Cash Money, 2001)
Okay, so the album was a bit overhyped.

It's still a well-crafted song. Plus, Ice Cube's a guest vocalist. One can't go wrong with Da Cube.

I must admit, however, that the older I get and farther I'm removed from the community where I grew up, the more and more I feel like that guy from Office Space when I make the morning commute listening to gangsta rap...

Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros, Rock Art and the X-Ray Style (Hellcat, 1999)
There will never be another Joe Strummer.

I'll probably go to hell for writing this, but I've always preferred the stylings of the former Clash frontman to a certain overrated Beatle, the dude who married some chick named Yoko.

Lita Ford, Lita (RCA, 1988)
For those reading this who weren't pubescent boys in the late 1980s or early 1990s, Lita Ford was the absolute hottest of the Heavy Metal Guitar Goddesses during that time.

The woman was also one of the best female rock guitarists of the 80s, arguably one of the best all time.

A former member of the pioneering Runaways (which also featured a young Joan Jett), Ford is directly responsible for the nocturnal staining of more He-Man bedsheets than perhaps any other leather-clad vixen of the Glam Era.

Run-DMC, Run-DMC (Profile,
Don't tell me 50-fucking-Cent is Old School, or that Tupac invented rap.

I will dig out a pair of laceless Adidas and put them straight up your saggy-drawers ass.

Mission of Burma, The Obliterati
(Matador, 2006)
Wow. MoB has been kicking around almost as long as the Ol' ZenFo Pro.

This track is from their latest...love the hard, driving drum intro. You don't hear those enough anymore. [MP3 Here]


KFigment said...

Kiss Me Deadly... Oh god how I wanted to be her...Still one of my favorite songs of all time is when she paired with Ozzy...mmmmm memories...

The ZenFo Pro said...

"Close My Eyes Forever" was on the same album :)

Awesome fucking song, as well...

Anonymous said...

Some "chick" named Yoko? I find that very offensive as John Lennon is one of my personal heros. The Strummer guy I've never heard of but Lennon was a dreamer and a visionary

kendra said...

the sad fact is that joe strummer made much more interesting music than lennon. listen to the solo stuff, it's good but it's also lacking a certain level of intensity. what do i know though, i'm convinced that the best rock and roll song ever could be "wig wam bam".

Smurf said...

lol... "Don't tell me 50-fucking-Cent is Old School, or that Tupac invented rap.

I will dig out a pair of laceless Adidas and put them straight up your saggy-drawers ass.

Rap was around a long time before that... you know some of the first rap songs I remember hearing were like... do you remember that song by the Fresh Prince "Nightmare on My Street?" --> I know that Will Smith didn't invent it either.. but a lot of the old school stuff is the stuff I like. Now a days I like only a select few gangsta rap songs. I am not sure if it is the mental ties into knowing some of what i know. Like I used to love "REGULATOR" and lot of that stuff... but... when I heard about some of the boys that I grew up with that ended up in gangs here and ... ok the thing that really bugged me is when I heard about this one particular kid. I remember this one kid coming over when he could barely speak.. then to learn as an adult he was part of the team that disposed of bodies in bad drug deals... that ... omg... that totally rocked my world to hear. I couldn't stand to look at the gangsta stuff or listen to any of it for the longest time... I like some of it now... but it is rare for me to really like some of it... and like I said.. its probably cuz of what I have seen and what that mentality and lifestyle did to some really great people.

Smurf said...

One more comment, you are quite the music guru, Mr Zenfo Pro. Your preferences are very ecclectic, but very interesting and ... that's what makes you a good MUSIC GURU. Have a great day J.

The ZenFo Pro said...

Lol...I'm sorry you were offended...to compare Yoko to an actual chick is, indeed, an offense to chicks everywhere...

Yep, not a Beatles fan on this end. Never cared much for em.

Yeah, Strummer's solo work was a little less intense, but I think it really showed his range as an artist. To go from the early Clash stuff to a more mellow sound reflects a lot of talent...

Dammit...now I have to go hunt down that damned Sweet song...found it..

(Lol...you can definitely tell you've earned your College Radio stripes ;)

Yeah, most of the Gangsta Rap shit was merely a really expensive marketing ploy, and sadly working class communities paid the cost in blood. People did mix fantasy with reality, confusing stories of gangbanging with the advocation of a lifestyle choice. Senseless.

I still like Regulator...it's a nice period piece, actually.

Lol, thanks!

Let said...

I always thought Lita Ford looked like she had consistant bad hair days even when big hair was in. I also thought for some strange reasons she was gay. Oh well... nice to know horny young men found her interesting. I preferred Joan Jett back in the day. Go figure!