Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Arm and Hammer?!?
Writing a Nice Thing About Myself for a Change...

Okay, so this is a vanity photo... sorta.

Cropped it off one of the photos a friend of mine took using my work camera two months ago.

(I photoshopped it to B&W to match my profile pic.)

I had an older woman refer to me as "beefy" at work a few months ago, and I'm still getting grief for it.

Somebody caught me online late last night. Apparently, I never say anything nice or flattering about myself. goes...

I have 16-inch biceps. Not too big. Not too small. Just right.

I'm happy with them. No complaints yet.

There. Said it.

That's probably the most skin I'll post here on the ol' ZenFo Pro.

Um, sorry... no ass shots. ;)


Smurf said...

Honey, half nekkid thursday is tomorrow! ;P J/k you wanting more whistling and compliments about how hot you are? Well *whistles* ;)


congrats J... you do look awesome. And I am just picking on your about wanting more compliments. There is NOTHING wrong with recognizing good things about yourself! Congrats! ;)

KFigment said...

You and Chewie suffer from the same syndrome. DUMBASS I am not sure what boat you two decided to jump into but it is almost 10 years later JUMP SHIP already.

J last time I checked I was a woman and a straight one at that. You can say all you want about me being your friend and having a bias opinion but I have no reason to blow smoke up anyone’s ass. Not my style. SO I will say this again.

YOU are attractive and the fact that you don't act like you are can make you down right sexy. WOMEN DO LOOK AT YOU AND SAY DAMN HES HOT!!!! Just accept it, get over yourself and move on.

The thing you do that makes women swoon is you don't try to get into their pants you actually try to get to know them. That turns women on more than anything else in the world and you are actually sincere about it!!!!

If you would post an honest picture of you in color so that the world can see those amazing eyes in full color and then allowed the women on the blog to tell you what they really thought you would be flooded with compliments and praise. You would never do this because it would make you uncomfortable but it is a fact.

cooper said...

Zenpro- that is a very large muscle and if I were an " arm women" I'd be totally swooning. ;0

I'm a ass lady myself so.............. well ya know.

shayna said...

No ass shots... WTF? That's okay... I'm an eyes woman anyway!

I'd show you my muscle... but you would just laugh...

Miz BoheMia said...

Ooooh! I love flexing and though I am skinny I have a nice and strong and lean bicep from years of yoga and balancing on my arms and the like so that vanity shot I totally get!

The funny thing is if I ever did those HNT posts (just not my thing though) I would probably do my biceps first! Not as impressive as you I must say but they are yogi biceps (which means they are not going to be big, just strong and lean) and I am a girl so.... hmph!

And come on! I am sure you can come up with plenty of nice things about yourself other than biceps! Chiquillo!

And since all the chicks are speaking of their fave body parts well I can just say what I like on the Loverboy... soccer legs, soccer ass, a healer's hands and blue eyes... Sizzlin'! ;-)

Cowgirl said...

Nice guns.

Is that from carrying little old ladies' books to their cars? ;)

I'm packin' a little less...barely 13 flexed. Front leaning rest position does that for ya. And being a farm girl.

Let said...

Recognizing one's virtues is important Zen. It's about time you showed off a bit. Of course whenever I engage in it I'm told I'm egotistical, uppity and lack modesty. Screw those people though, right? Who needs family?!