Monday, April 17, 2006

Things I'm Digging in Cyberspace

I started the ZenFo Wire a while back; I'd intended for it to be a regular feature. Jeez, how time flies...and how work seems to pile on when one actually has fun for a change. No time for a long, thought-out read these instead.

Skinny-dipping post coming...eventually ;)
- Jason

Kendra K.
Kendrak's Attack, Ongoing Feature

Rather than wait for folks to solicit her advice, this hip, media-savvy blogger chops and skewers the traditional Dear Abby types, pulling questions from various advice columns around the country, throws out the cheesy self-help crap, and gives advice that real people really need to hear. Kendra also happens to be one of my fave iPro bloggers, mainly because she's a rather talented indie rock diva as well.

The Hot Librarian, April 17, 2006

I almost pissed myself I was laughing so hard reading this post this afternoon. THL is a church-going, lingerie-wearing, occassionally potty-mouthed, Chuck Norris-worshipping, supermodel-esque libby - the complete package. I'm still in awe that she lists me in her blogroll. Yes, Virginia, there was a Jesus - and he was eaten by bears ...

Criminals, Figments, and Blogasms Oh My, March 1, 2006

A touching story written by my dear, dear friend Kfig. For those who may have friends and loved ones serving in Iraq, this tale of pets, kinda-sorta relationships, and how annoying fucking cellphones can be when getting a call from a Safe Zone. Homegirl's going through some rather rough medical stuff, so please stop by and leave a comment or two.

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Renee, a fellow Oxblogger, offers advice for those folks considering graduate school ... Fellow Ohioan blogger Ms. Monkeythong offers a rather cryptic bilingual definition of roadkill...

You know what made my day? The fact that Cowgirl survived the recent plague of tornados hammering the Upper Midwest. Rumors of her demise have been greatly exaggerated. It's the boots. Gotta be the boots...

Came across this and this over at Free Radical - a very frank, honest debate on the nature of Islam in the 21st century...

Hey, who says I can't multi-task during my lunch break?


Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...

I enjoyed that post at Free Radical but could not find the time to get into it as taking Women in Islam this term I could have gone on for a week.

I'm goiing to check out your suggestions when I am out from under ...meaning ost likely when I get out of here for the summer.

I didn't know Patriot Girls was gone as I've been sort of gone but I'm glad she is back. I could not live in an area frequented by tornadoes.The Wizard of Oz was the scariest movie I have ever seen.

Deb S. said...

You multi-task quite well - and I'll be laughing for days after reading that post at The Hot Librian. I was crying with laughter while being afraid that lightening was going to hit any moment!

Your recommended readings are gems. I love hanging out with librarians. ;-)

Deb S. said...

BTW, the Free Radical readings are deep.

The ZenFo Pro said...

Yeah, I figure you must be swamped this time of year. Don't sweat it. I'm sure everybody understands :)

Strangely enough...I also find the WoO a scary film. That and Alice in Wonderland...hmmm...

You don't listen to talking rabbits, do you?

Isn't that just hillariously blasphemous. She's a cheeky gal. ;)

Yeah, the Free Radical thing did a wonderful job of presenting different arguments. Still figuring out how to post a comment there about what's going through my mind...

Other than bears eating Jesus ;)

Miz BoheMia said...

Oooh! You've got yourself some interesting blog friends! Will have to check 'em out when life allows!

I never thought the Wizard of Oz scary! My childhood nightmares came from a movie I walked in on where a man turned into a snake. I could no longer sleep alone afer that...

The ZenFo Pro said...

Hey Miz B :)

Yup, I think I do.

Oooh....have you ever seen the miniseries V? Cheesy 80s miniseries? I was TERRIFIED of that...couldn't sleep for days. I can watch zombie movies and laugh, but cheesy flicks about lizard men come to eat mankind...I still get nightmares watching it for some reason....

Smurf said...

OK J, not to be rude, I just dont understand, I guess, I see all these Librarians and all these blogs about librarians. What's up with that? Libraries are full of books and information and stuff... but??? umm... what's all the hype about the LIBRARIANS UNITE stuff going on? I am not one obviously and am just curious. I just went and visited a blog of one of the people who posted on your blog and it was all about librarian this and that and I am confused. Please J... PLEASE dont take offense... I just dont get it. Will you please explain it to me. You know me and sometimes I am dense and this is an honest question. **hugs**

Miz BoheMia said...

I LOVED V!!!! It was HUGE here in Spain! I LOVED Mike Donovan... well, until Kyle came into the picture. I even had a V outfit, the red ones the lizards wore and I wore it in Denmark and was the envy of all my friends! I was a freakin' geek!

For some reasons the lizards didn't scare me! I still love that show!

They actually showed it in the US before we moved away and like the dork that I am I totally watched it but the bastards took it only to a certain point and then went back to the beginning and made me want MORE!

Hmmm... I wonder if the hubby can download it all for me?

See? I told you I am a geek!

The ZenFo Pro said...

Lol...this is perhaps the most random comment I've gotten in awhile ;) Why would I get offended? Reasonable questions...hmm...

I see all these Librarians and all these blogs about librarians. What's up with that?
Lol...probably because I'm a librarian ;) Seriously, there probably are a disproportionate number of librarian blogs out there in relation to other professions, mainly because librarians spend a good deal of time tinkering with new Information and Comm. Technologies, whether they know t or not. Hell, this blog started out as part of a preliminary investigation for a research article. Libraries and computers have a long history...we were one of the first industries to utilize computer networking for something practical other than military use.

The same technology that was originally adopted by the U.S. military to develop encryption, guide ballistic missles, etc, has been used by the L-World for organizing information such as bibliographic records. Did you know that OCLC, the world's largest library computerized resource sharing network, was founded in 1967 right here in Ohio, two years before NASA put a man on the moon? Lol...gotta love a brain full of worthless trivia :)

As for the LIBRARIANS UNITE thing, well, lol, librarians have always been good at organizing other people's stuff, but pretty lousy at organizing themselves. In the last century, there were so many organizations and groups founded to support particular library-specific issues. Librarians (and library staff) do need to unite for the same reason other professions unite - to establish minimum educational skill sets, develop better ways of doing things, to advocate for better funding (there are a lot of school districts, for instance, that are virtually eliminating their school libraries to save money), and to gain concensus on the right way to approach certain larger issues, like intellectual freedom, patron privacy rights, and the universal right to access of information. Unfortunately, organizing librarians into a unified front these days is a bit like herding cats... there are, unfortunately, a lot of piss-poor librarians (yes, I said it) who are just filling seats until retirement, who create barriers to access by their behaviors in the workplace, etc.

For example, I had a patron/friend tell me a while back that a librarian gave her an unsolicited commentary of the Bush administration and feminism because of the person's paper topic and then called her stupid for not wanting to discuss her politics; the girl was in near-tears on the phone because she thought that's how all librarians acted on the job. She was upset, even though she agreed with many of the librarian's politics. I asked the student to send a formal letter to her university's administration explaining her experience and Real-World Jason sent a formal communique asking for an explanation. You know what? She received a formal, in-person apology. I'm sure there's at least one librarian out West who completely hates my guts, but, hey...a patron's right to unfettered, uncluttered access to information trumps a librarian's right to bitch about politics in the workplace every time.

I hope that mini-thesis answers your Qs, hon. Probably overkill... :)

Oh, I love it now, even though it creeps me out. I LOVE sci-fi too much not to watch it. Plus, the Devo-esque jumpsuits are badass ;)

Lol...we're all geeks here. You are amongst your kind ;)

Anonymous said...

Well, what I want to know about librarians is, what's up with the bun thing? Haven't they heard of hair stylists? And the shushing! The librarians at my public library are louder than the customers! Where do they get off shushing us, huh? One more thing - CATS. What's up with the librarians and cats thing? You give a cats a command, and what do they do? They lick their butts! They walk away! What kind of pet is that? Can't librarians have dogs like the rest of us red-blooded Americans? What are you people, Communists?

Too bad I can't get you fired, since you people are all volunteers, anyway.


Cowgirl said...

Yep, it is the red boots. "There's no place like home, there's no place like hom."

Awaiting the skinny dipping post. I would post about it, but the best ones are a little racy. ;)

Cat. said...

Ms. M--No buns in sight at my library, although I frequently wear a French braid or a ponytail. Yes, we are loud. Yes, there is a cat thing; I call those women Crazy Cat Ladies....we have two at my library. They'll be retiring in about 3 years, tg.

Personally, I'm allergic to cats. See any irony there? [I'm allergic to dogs too, but I love 'em, though they tend to do some butt-licking as well.]

Yep, we're all communist voluteers, cuz. y'know, that's what communism is all about: voluntarism. ;-)

ZFP--good synopsis of OCLC. I was amused at them "organizing" in 1967...still chuckling over the irony of it all.

Anonymous said...

Well, Mr. Monkeythong saved me from becoming a Crazy Librarian Cat Lady (Mr. Monkeythong is also a librarian). We are now down to two kitties. I'd like a dog, too, but neither Mr. M nor his kids like dogs, so I'm outvoted.

I used to wear a bun, back when my hair reached halfway to my elbows -- it was actually quite practical and looked cute! Now after 10 years of short hair (we're talking Halle Berry short), my hair is long enough to put into a pseudo-bun.

So, do cowboy boots count as sensible shoes? ;-)

Cowgirl said...

Cowboy boots count as sensible shoes in my book!

Did ya know, Ms. Monkeythong, that your sock puppet relatives originated in my state?

Cat. said...

Cowboy boots are by far the most sensible shoes for librarians. There's a reason they're also called shit-kickers. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Did ya know, Ms. Monkeythong, that your sock puppet relatives originated in my state?

And what state would that be?

My own sock-monkey carcass was stitched in Phoenix, Arizona. The brain-part is from Cincinnati.

The ZenFo Pro said...

MM: (No. 1)

Argh!!! No buns...

Not even touching the hairstyle debate. Sorry ;)

Lol. Hey, if ya show me your skinny-dipping post, I'll show ya mine ;)

Re: OCLC. Thanks. I've had to explain that sucker so many times to patrons using Worldcat, it's not even funny. Most Ohioans are completely unaware that the Borg Queen of library catalogs lives in Dublin, Ohio :)