Sunday, April 16, 2006

Breathe In, Breathe Out Dept:
The ZenFo Pro Has a New Address...Sort of

OXFORD, Ohio (ZP) -- I was sitting in a coffee shop yesterday afternoon, trying to catch up on reading people's blogs, work stuff, and scores of other things.

I spent the majority of my weekend having a blast - fishing, hiking, drinking beer, getting sunburned, and generally enjoying the views associated with an unseasonably hot Spring.

Ahem. I'm still a virile, heterosexual guy. I'm single, no attachments. I'm gonna at least look if I'm at a state park propagated by scantily-clad women sunning themselves. It's not like I was one of the middle-aged bikers cruising through the park on their hogs, whistling and drooling.

Just a few glances.

Okay. Maybe more than a few. I kinda, sorta backed my truck into a park restroom while trying to at least pretend I wasn't checking out this group of women in bikini tops in the midst of a water balloon fight. No harm done, though.

I did get talked into going skinny-dipping by two rather vivacious girls from Colorado on a research trip. Hey, I'm a librarian, dammit. I teach people how to research for a living.

More on that later. For now, back to coffee talk...

While I'm refilling my "bottomless mug" of fair-trade joe, a group of women walk in. One sticks her tongue out at me and hollers my way.

Now, most guys would probably get a bit excited when a dozen very attractive women walk into a cafe and one of these women comes up to chat. The first thing that goes through my mind is, usually, panic. Is this woman talking to me, the real-world Jason, or the blog-version?

Fortunately, I knew the woman from the real world. But in the past, I've had people who've asked for research help at work, clam up, and then tell me the whole Cassanova Kiss thing got them all hot and bothered. I've even had cyberstalkers. That's creepy shit.

Ya know what? I know how quite a few local student lurkers found the blog. You got bored in class or in a dorm room while working on some blog-based assignment for one of several classes. You started surfing. You saw, yeah, I have a lot of profile views. You may have thought you recognized me from somewhere you frequent - like the library where I work.

Thanks for stopping by and for reading over the last year. I have no problems with local folks reading - a few of my colleagues think this site is rather entertaining. Feel free to continue reading.

But, well, the ZenFo Pro is moving to Cincinnati... sort of.

I decided to take advantage of the slow blog traffic this weekend, "relocating" the ol' blog to Cincy in the Blogger directory. I'm still based in Oxford - 30 minutes outside of Cincinnati - but, to cut down on the number of local college student lurkers, the majority of whom enter through my profile, I moved the blog to give me a little peace of mind.

~~ Jason


Smurf said...

what does that mean? That you are just changing the thing on here from Oxford to cincinatti or???

Cowgirl said...

Skinny dipping is always fun. Done probably more than my fair share of that!

Never done it in the name of research before. ;)

The ZenFo Pro said...

Lol..yeah, sorry for the confusion, chica :)

I switched the blog profile location to Cincy...that's it. Not moving to wordpress...yet.

Oh, hell yes! I hadn't done it in YEARS. A lot of fun, esp. in a state park. Added this impish feeling of getting away with something - that's always fun.

Lol...hey, it did start out as taking water samples, but I was trying to think of a reasonable justification for my lack of maturity :P

Cat. said...

Taking water the nude?

OK, I should've paid more attention in science classes. I missed a step completely. The step where you take all your clothes off! :-)

Just warn me when (if?) you go Wordpress.

Nice photo, by the way.

Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...

uh oh Jason has to hide now.

Deb S. said...

Hey, it's a little LATE to go into hiding now. LOL
I can see why women are walking up to you. You're smart, funny andcute! I know it's a burden being a babe magnet, but I think you'll surive. ;-)

shayna said...

So... you are on the run??? in hiding??? Witness protection program... ahem... Blogger protection program! ;) ;)

The ZenFo Pro said...

LMAO..yeah, those pesky environmental activists...always getting naked with their testing equipment ;) And the beer? Lol... if science had been that fun, I never would'veswitched my major from Physics the first year of college...

Lol...yes, going into hiding. Seriously, it was something I was planning to do over the summer anyway - a friend suggested that as a way to minimize the risk of another batch of students coming in in the fall, finding the blog, and, well, starting the whole "What year are you?" crap again. Or getting e-mails asking to go to white rose formals. Or...

Hell, you get the idea ;)

Lol...better late than never, I guess. The gal in question, as far as I know, doesn't read the blog - I'd kinda like to keep it that way, just in, hey she's cute...what can I say? I recently discovered that an IP address that I thought was actually another blogger's IP address on my tracking software actually belongs to a local student apartment complex. Same company, different location. (It's good to have IT contacts who can help me figure this shit out sometimes ;)

Lol...babe magnet? LMAO...too funny.

See, I think you understand better than anybody here the dangers of being a small town blogger... I was atually thinking about your experience earlier, when you had to switch accts because of somebody figuring out who you are. Lol...probably good to at least partly take my own, plumbers, pipes, leakage... :)

Leigh said...

You are certain entitled to some eye candy, especially if it is in the form of some bikinis drenched by water ballons.

It's too cold here to go skinny-dipping, as you know. I think all your readers are interested in hearing the full...ahem...story on that one ;)

Glad you are having a great time!

Casey Kochmer said...

do tell so do tell on the skinny-dipping now

leigh is correct

besides the hordes of your internet stalkers probably would wish to know.


the internet is such a strange reflection of us isnt it??