Sunday, April 23, 2006

The ZenFo Pro Week and Weekend

I really wish I could post about the past week. Really, really wish I could. Let's just say it would probably put me on the unemployment line pretty quick if I did.

I'd also be violating some privacy rights as well as some confidential information. Aside from the professional ramifications, I'd feel like shit.

Read the first part of the headline (as well as the still shot from Tobe Cooper's Texas Chainsaw Massacre, left) and let your imagination wander...

I've enjoyed FINALLY catching up on blog reading this weekend. If you're a lurker, please take time to visit the links to the other blogs listed in my sidebar...

Actually had a rather enjoyable Guys Night Out thing Friday night. Awesome time. I should've called it a weekend after that, because, yeah, sometimes it's best not knowing about certain things.

Let me put it this way: does anybody remember 1993's Spur Posse scandal, where a group of small-dicked peckerhead high school jocks who attempted to set human sexual relations back a thousand years by assigning points to sex acts?


Saturday night, I found out that there's apparently a local female version. I think I almost became the sexual equivalent of a pair of free-throws (because I'm over 25 and not a college guy), a jumpshot (I'm a professional with a job), and a three-pointer (because of where I work.)

I don't play that game. I take my ball (and everything else) and go home. I may have almost married a stripper, been romantically involved with women who've made money shakin' ass in clubs, and I've even had adult performers spend the night in my house, but I don't waste my time with skanks. Period.

I just don't get turned on by women I can't respect. Sue me.

I'm still working on that post. Trying to quell a bit of my anger, disgust, and disappointment before posting. If any of the local lurkers happen to know or are one of the women in question participating in this game, well, make sure you read next week.

It ain't gonna be pretty...


Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...

Not hearing the whole story I can't even comment.

Although I am preferential toward having a relationship of some kind with someone before you do the dirty I can honeslty say that if guys can keep score , girls can too without being called skanks. Call both sexes skanks and it's prefectly acceptable.

The ZenFo Pro said...

Oh, definitely. The point I'm getting at here is that while consensual sex between adults is okay, wagering on sex just makes someone - male or female - pretty skanky.

People who collect sex partners simply to collect them is just disturbing. What the hell's the point? Sex shouldn't work like a fucking McDonalds drive-thru... who wants to sleep with someone they have nothing in common with just to say they didn't sleep alone? Bad sex is like fast food; good sex is like a meal. And I avoid bad sex like the fucking Plague, because there's no sustinance.

Maybe I'm just getting prudish, but I don't like the idea of being exploited or objectified anymore than anyone else, especially to help someone win a bet.

But I learned something. Don't leave your mobile sitting on your bed. If the damned thing starts going off and you tell someone to answer it, you'd better make sure there's nothing damning on the screen.

I'll explain better in the post.

Cat. said...

I can't wait to hear more, though I agree that anyone who views sex as a game is clearly not having very good sex. There shouldn't really be competition involved in this particular action.

On the other hand it's nice to know that if I were in a college town I'd be "worth" a helluva a lot! :-)

Leigh said...

I started reading your last post about skinnying with the lesbians but had to run... I will finish this afternoon. Yeah, skanky ppl really are not very attractive in any way.

Miz BoheMia said...

I'd like to hear more too but it sounds like sexual objectification and that is shit no matter who it's directed at...

Hope the rest of the week at work is better!

The ZenFo Pro said...

Yeah, this was definitely someone looking for a quantity-over-quality . exchange. I almost feel bad for walking out without saying anything. (Which is what I did, btw.) Sex should be fun, enjoyable, explosive, etc...but it's not a game.


Hey! Lol...yeah, skanky people aren't attractive whatsoever. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who are able to hide their skankiness rather well...

Oh, it's coming. Working on it. There's no sense in objectifying anybody. People are people underneath.

Seems to be going better. Thanks!

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