Thursday, March 16, 2006


1. Nothing - Anthrax, Stomp 442 (Elecktra, 1995)
There are two kinds of Anthrax fans. Some folks like Journey-esque vocalist Joey Belladonna; some folks prefer the band's 1990s vocalist, John Bush.

2. You Drive Me Ape (You Big Gorilla) - The Dickies, Incredible Shrinking Dickies (A&M, 1979)
What the Ramones were to New York's punk scene, the Dickies were to the L.A. scene.

3. Sordid - Amon Tobin, Permutation (Ninja Tune, 1998)
Brazil-born Tobin is a master of trip-hop. Not strickly a downtempo artist, either. This song was almost ruined for me by Toyota, which featured the track in a car commercial.

4. Jackyard Backoff - The Cramps, Stay Sick! (Vengeance Remaster, 1990)
Bonus track from the remastered version of the Stay Sick disc. Can't get much more rockabilly than the Cramps.

5. Doublewhiskeycokenoice - The Dillinger Four, Midwestern Songs of the Americas (Hopeless, 1998) - [MP3]

6. My Favorite Mutiny - The Coup, Pick a Bigger Weapon (Epitaph, April 2006 Release) - [MP3]
A few weeks ago, some anonymous emo kid left a post that trashed my choice in music - I didn't have anything, like, new and stuff. Maybe I'm just bitter, but I thought I'd post a song that hasn't even been released in album form yet - just to piss the hell out of the Scenesters.

7. Old Shoes (& Picture Postcards) - Tom Waits, Closing Time (Asylum, 1973)
Can't go wrong with a little Waits on a slow Thursday.


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