Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The U.S. Coalition for ... er ... Human Rights

Four nations voted against the formation of the new U.N. Human Rights Council. The U.S. was, sadly, one of them.

But what about the other Big Three? How can the media overlook their part in trying to better protect human rights through procrastination?

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Yeah. Didn't see that one coming.

After the rather stupid act of sending in troops to break prisoners OUT of a Palestinian Authority-controlled prison, nothing the acting Olmert Government does shocks me.

Oh yeah. Did I mention that Israel's acting head of state is up for election in two weeks?

The U.S. holds no monopoly on chickenhawk leadership.

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Yep. They've been an independent nation since 1986 ... sort of.

According to the CIA World Factbook, the tiny nation received roughly $1 billion in U.S. aid between 1986 and 2002. The U.S. is even responsible for the tiny nation's defense.

Of course, we also blew up a few nuclear weapons on one of their islands a few decades ago.

Who did ya think they were going to side with? Turkey?

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Wait... they're an independent nation?

Oh, how silly of me. I was a junior in high school when they gained quasi-independence from the U.S.-administered U.N. Trusteeship.

Way back in when dinosaurs walked the earth ... in 1994.

I have boxer shorts older than Palau.

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cooper said...

Sucks. i didn't read the vote until now.

Un fucking real.

What is wrong with this picture?

Politics- corruption - deals - no deals

The ZenFo Pro said...

Yup...nothing like political Big Dick Syndrome getting in the way of simply letting the UN do its job. The old Human Rights Council was a joke after some of the world's biggest abusers ended up on the panel...

Then there's the abstinence voters...

When Cindy Sheehan met with Hugo Chavez, I remember getting into a rather heated discussion with a faculty member who thought Chavez was some kind of great leader of the Left, simply because he's opposed to the Iraq War. That's like inviting Saddam Hussein to speak at a peace demonstration.
Easy to shoot down a faculty member's support when you've got access to the Amnesty International report and Human Rights Watch resources. The guy's simply a military strongman in populist's clothing - and he is no friend of peace.

The government in Minsk has been one of the biggest human rights violators in the former Eastern Bloc since the fall of the Soviet Union.

Iran: need to go there. When political opposition leaders are allowed to run freely...without the threat of death for speaking their minds...

As an American...somebody who's ancestors helped build this nation...I'm beyond embarrassed. Not that the U.S. opposed the new body, because I actually agree with the stance that there does need to be more safeguards against abusers being elected. It's the failure to compromise that pisses me off.

Anonymous said...

Damn dude sorry its been a hectic semester out here in the LV...

Complete and utter bullshit. Im embarrassed, too. didn't know about belarus but yeah - lost a lot of respect for sheehan when she posed with chavez.

~ Lupe