Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Pimping Dad Flashbacks, More Queers, and the Impending German Invasion

1. Golden - A Girl Called Eddy, self-titled album (Anti, 2004)
The last track off this wonderfully soulful debut album from New Jersey-born Erin Moran. The album was produced by former Pulp guitarist Richard Hawley. Starting off this playlist with a song dedicated to a certain friend who just got out of rehab and I figure she needs somebody to send her a V-Day gift.

2. Magic 8 Ball - Cub, Heide Sez... Compilation (Lookout!, 1996)
Cub is one of those anomolies of punk music. An all-female trio from Vancouver, this band recorded a couple of albums for Mint and Lookout! Records in the 1990s, but I have no clue what happened to them. Just imagine a softer, less packaged sound than the likes of the Donnas. Formed in 1992 at the University of British Columbia's CITR 101.9 FM, one of the most important influential college radio stations in North America.

3. Punk Rock Girls - The Queers, Don't Back Down (Lookout!, 1996)
[Watch the Music Video ]
Lol...been playing a lot of the Queers lately. I think this is about the thousandth Queers track I've featured. What can I say? I'm a binge listener. Just wait until I get on my New York Dolls kick. Or Wu-Tang Clan. Or Slick Rick. Or...

4. All The Good Men - The Robocop Kraus, They Think They Are...(Epitaph, 2005)

Germany finally has a post-punk, past New Wave answer to the likes of Interpol. Actually, these Germans were so forward thinking that they invented the sound back when they formed in 1998. I heard some indie scenester bill this band as a "new" act. The Robocop Kraus actually have five albums under their belt, and are one of the biggest bands in Continental Europe. This album, which I think is the band's first official U.S. label release, hits stores Feb. 21.

Remember, if these guys blow up here in the States, you heard it here first...

5. Downtown Train - Tom Waits, Rain Dogs (Island, 1990)
One of my favorite Waits tunes, especially on a Wednesday morning. Reminds me of driving through St. Louis for some reason.

6. Little Wonder - David Bowie, Earthling (Arista, 1997)
Can't go wrong with a little Bowie on a hump day, either.

7. Superfly - Curtis Mayfield, motion picture soundtrack (Single 1972)
Curtis's falsetto is probably one of the most beautiful in the history of R&B. I grew up with this song and people who actually resembled the lead character of the film Superfly. This song always reminds me of some of the fathers of friends I grew up with. Black men with straightened hair, fly white suits and matching fedoras.

I must've heard this song a thousand times at one high school buddy's house. I remember listening to the whole soundtrack while droppin' bones (playing dominoes) and sippin' the gun (drinking 40s of Colt .45 malt liquor) with this same friend's dad on a hot Meherrin, Virginia, afternoon in their woodshed. He was one of the slickest players in the game - first guy in his family to be able to afford a Lincoln. He actually looked a lot like the title character from Superfly, minus the cocaine and the taste for prostitutes, of course.


kendra said...

once again, a very good list!

i've been listening to a lot of cub lately. lisa marr later went on to form the band buck, and then the lisa marr experience. both are pretty decent, though not cub. it's funny because i swear there's some lookout comp that has "magic 8 ball" and "punk rock girls" on it. or maybe that's just my recollection of 14. i don't know.

Deb S. said...

Aw, man! I'm going to have "Superfly" lyrics running through my head for the rest of the evening! Curtis Mayfield was awesome!

Let's just hope the lyrics don't find their way into a writing assignment I have to complete tonight. The topic is on urban education. I'm not sure educators want to read anything like:

"I'm yo mama, I'm yo daddy, I'm that ***** in the alley...." ;-)
But I think the beat will keep me alert!

I can find a peaceful place just listening to the words and rhythm section from the title track, especially the part about "tryin' to get over." Zen Pro, you know what I'm talking about!

BTW, I never got high on anything but music. I was the good girl. ;-)

Thanks for the I try to get over tonight.

Patricia K. said...

Can I be your yummy punk rock girl? Awesome video thanks. been playing that song all day at work and its pissing my coworkers off.



Anonymous said...

hey fuckwad- There's no way in hell your really 27. Your music tastes leave a lot to be desired. Maybe you could put in something recorded this century. What about some Taking Back Sunday or Bright Eyes?

kendra said...

yeah, come on dude! why aren't you some over age emo kid?

ps. i had the comp mixed up in my head. heidi sez has "magic 8 ball" and "janelle janelle", which is off of don't back down, with "punk rock girls". that comp... pretty good mix.

Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...

talk about a queer moment. lol ;0

SeizeTheNite said...

Yeah, Anon is so right.
This list needs more whiny pussies who wear girls pants!

I love Tom Waits...

The ZenFo Pro said...

Thanks for the update on Cub. I can't believe I forgot about Lisa Marr's other work!

I actually found the MP3 while looking for a similar comp. My mid-90s teen years are sort of hazy due to excessive narcotic and screw-top wine abuse, but yeah, feeling a bit like 14 myself lately ;)

Lol....yeah, I was actually attempting my own falsetto version of Pusher Man in the elevator at work the other day...somebody asked me if I was singing John

Urban education? What an awesome topic!

You are so very welcome :) Keep annoying the hell out of your coworkers.

Well, hey dumbass! Yes, I'm really 27, and I'm sorry you don't like my musical tastes. But I think Conor Oberst is way overhyped and TBS is garbage. Sorry. If you're an emo kid, feel free to browse my archives - I can't stand that whole culture and, honestly, I'm glad its dying. Now if we can just put an end to this "let's all sound like Jason Mraz" shit, then the world will be a better place.



I try to keep my lists whiny-pussy free. No time for that garbage, because life's way too short :)