Friday, February 17, 2006

Battlestar Galactica is the Best Show on Television, Period

After last Friday night, falling into old bad habits, I decided to return to one of my good habits. One that makes me proud to be a human being, one that makes me feel uneasy, and one that usually ends up making me cry.

I just finished watching the latest episode of the Sci-Fi Channel's now critically-acclaimed series, Battlestar Galactica. Not that old 1970s Dirk Benedict vehicle, but a completely different show based loosely on the original. I watch the show religiously; last weekend, I almost had a friend FED-EX me a videotaped copy of a missed episode...thank goodness for re-runs.

Yeah...I've got a few quirks. Who doesn't?

I've blogged about BSG five times before, starting in June of last year. Back in August, I turned a certain person onto the show. (Hint - if anybody has ever wondered why it is, exactly, I periodically get bizarre e-mails asking the strangest things, it probably has to do with this one post. Yes, celebrities have visited Oxford Fucking Ohio, and this explains why I don't blog about people in entertainment.)

I've got my parents watching it. I even got my brother-in-law to sit down at watch almost the entire second season on DVD the day after one sitting.

I readily admit I'm a sci-fi nerd. While I've never been one to strap on the pointy Vulcan ears and visit fan conventions, I'm not at all embarrassed by the fact that I know the difference between warp drives and the Warped Tour. I dig cheesy zombie flicks. If it's got aliens, robots, monsters, vampires, or mutants in it, odds are I've watched it.

But Battlestar Galactica has a different appeal. Sure, the show is a sci-fi lover's dream. But BSG, at its heart, is one of the most daring political and social critiques ever produced for television. Not since Rod Serling used the Twilight Zone's fantasy world to tackle issues like racism, censorship, Joe McCarthy, and the Korean War has there been a show offered such subtle, seering commentary on everything from politics to pop culture.

I'm not the only one who thinks BSG is one of the best shows on television. Check out the New Yorker's review. How about Rolling Stone? Still not interesting you? How about Steven Hart's review of the Season 1.0 DVD set over at Blog Critics?

If you've ever wondered how I spend the majority of my Friday nights, well, now you know. Not very exciting, but, it's a lot more safe than reckless binge drinking and there's no risk of waking up next to someone with whom I have very little in common.

Oh, and before I forget...

I've had a few people in the last few weeks who've politely asked what the hell a 27-year-old, relatively level-headed professional found most attractive about a certain barely-legal Italian backpacker, so much so that he almost quit my damned job to move to another country.

Do you have any idea how goddamned sexy it is to come home and find a gorgeous woman curled up on your living room floor, wrapped up in a blanket, watching the same DVDs you were hoping to God said hot woman never found - the Battlestar Galactica boxsets, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Night of the Living Dead - while wearing your favorite Stetson? And to find out that said hottie actually enjoys them?

Or to get goosebumps when you sit down between somebody's legs, to feel three days' worth of leg stubble scratching your arms and not care because somebody wants to know how to turn on the subtitles?


Anonymous said...

I'm telling you, dude, you and Mr. Monkeythong and our friend Gerry need to to a pow wow :-)

Bob Patterson said...

You just went up 10 points in Bob Patterson's book. (this and a $1 will buy you a bottle of cheap booze so take it for what it's worth)

I have only two shows that I watch religiously: Battle Star Galactica and the original CSI.

The rest of my TV habits involve the political/news shows, Discovery Channel, History Channel; and, on occasion, Monk. (we’ll pretend that I don’t “occasionally” watch Ultimate fighting or “professional” wrestling)

How about last night and taking on abortion? Dr. Baltar announcing his candidacy? Apollo as commander of the Pegasus?

And why oh why when not trying to fight not becoming a cross between Admiral Adama, Col. Tigh, and Capt. Thrace do I find myself wanting my own Number Six?!


Bob Patterson said...

And while we are at it please link to your other posts on BSG!


Ironman said...

Cool blog come check out mine

EsotericWombat said...

I love me some BSG. Though I have to say I love Firefly more. Alas, one getting rave reviews and the other killed by Fox. The lesson here is don't pitch your show to Fox if you have an alternative.

I can totally understand what you mean about the Italian backpacker. You couldn't get much better save for Starbuck.

Miz BoheMia said...

I used to watch BSG as a kid in Spain! My mom made me a cheesy gold costume I did not want to get out of!

As for the girl, glad you had that experience... intimacy and romance are caught in such moments... not stereotypical cheesy ones...

Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...

I've never watched it but have several side bar people... - that is what I call you all - that do. I know a few people in real life that watch it as well...or are addicted to it. I am beginning to think there must be something to it.

Anonymous said...

Okay.I'll admit I watch BSG. Hated the original but the new one is awesome and i do the same things with my friday nights.

Have you seen Apollo's abs? OMG ya could scrub clothes on that man's stomach.

The ZenFo Pro said...

Lol...I got your voicemail late Saturday, but the reception in Hamilton is about the worst in the state. Thanks for the offer, though :) At least I wasn't working another six-day week...

Lol...your viewing pattenrs are eeriely similar to my own. Haven't watched pro wrestling in a while. When Mick Foley (Mankind, Dude Love, Cactus Jack) pretty much retired from performing, the rasslin' circuit lost one of its great artists - and writers.

The abortion storyline really made me think. Here you have an abortion rights president in a galaxy far, far away having to issue an order to ban abortion as a threat to the survival of mankind - and after some serious arm twisting at the hands of the a political delegation.

Sorry for the spoilers if you haven't seen it yet.

Number Six is hot, but Boomer is downright gorgeous.

Okay...I'm sounding like a kid...;)

Iron Man:
Cool blog yourself. Thanks. Lol...I remember when Tony Stark was a slobbering drunk who had to enter rehab in the 80s. One of the best storylines in Marvel history.

Lord...I'm just oozing with my nerdiness tonight. Kevin Smith is grinning his ass off somewhere... :)

You know, I had to rewatch Serenity last night because you had to go and post something about Firefly.


The original BSG was good (thanks to that show and the A-Team, I wanted to be Dirk Benedict when I grew up.) You'd probably dig the new one, too. I'm actually glad I had that experience, too. It's nice to know I'm not completely damaged goods.

Lol...side bar people?!?

Listen to your side bar people, chica. All the cool kids are doing it ;)

While I dig Jamie Bamber as an actor, I really never noticed his abs before. I'll take your word for it, though :)

Mr. Monkeythong said...

"Yeah...I've got a few quirks. Who doesn't?"

Excuse me... those who have no appreciation for science fiction are the ones with the quirks... including Ms. Monkeythong... if you ask me!