Wednesday, January 18, 2006

How Not to Use Your Blog as an Instruction Tool


Let me apologize to those who may have been logged on this afternoon (12pm-2pm EDT, roughly).

If you noticed my profile pic replaced with a picture of a girl, weird comments popping in and out, and noticed the "News and Commentary..." line read "Loves Luscious Ladies," do not be alarmed.

A local "anonymous" poster e-mailed me a few days ago and asked if I would show her how to set up a blog.

During a bit of one-on-one Blogger instruction, I was demonstrating some things on what I thought was a template test page I'd set up a while back. I forgot that changes to a Blogger profile affect every blog under an administrator's profile.

I also forgot the Golden Rule of Blogger Instruction, i.e. log off thy own account before showing another person how to post, else ye look like a dumbass. And the second Golden Rule? Thou shalt not leave account logged in while visiting the john.

Yeah. Probably not the best blog instructor in the world. . She didn't know. Who can blame anybody learning something new for making mistakes?

She decided, in the end, to wait a bit on the blog idea. She asked me about some of my experiences locally. I think, in explaining the security risks one takes everytime they log onto a website, that scared her a bit.

If that didn't, I'm sure the 280 bits of Gator the Spybot I installed scrubbed off her notebook must've been downright terrifying.

So, again, sorry if anybody noticed anything strange throughout the day. I think I've fixed most of the changes. No harm, no foul.

"Anon" and her roommates are making me dinner to make up for it; I'm actually writing this in their living room right now. How many bloggers get an opportunity for free grub?

This opportunity did allow me to start building a framework of the ZenFo Pro local non-blogger demographic:

1. Apparently, there are a lot more Miami students that have visited my site than I'd been thinking.

2. My post on driving a drunk girl home rather than risk leaving her to be date-raped went around campus, apparently, like wildfire via e-mail and even came up in at least one class.

3. I have been romantically linked to three different female bartenders at a local bar I frequent, none of whom, in my way of thinking, would actually go on a date with me.

4. ZenFo Pro readers are very intelligent people. And people read the comments.

5. I have been romantically linked to at least four different colleagues, two Miami TAs, and a grad student who works in my library. All of whom are, trust me here, way too smart to go out with me. Or are married. Or inother relationships.

6. Nobody local knows what the hell I do at my library. When I explain it, they can't believe anybody would trust somebody so young with those kinds of responsibilities. (Hence the reason I never talk about what I actually do.)

Anyway, I think that will do for now. I need to go eat.

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