Sunday, December 18, 2005

The ZenFo Pro Hits the Road for the Holidays

Wow. Didn't realize its been this long since I last posted.

I've been on the road the past few days. Right now, I'm in Fort Collins, Colo. - a short layover here for my baby sister's graduation from Colorado State University. This afternoon, I'm off to (hopefully) sunny California for a few weeks.

It was a rather wonderful visit, but, alas, I've been too swamped to come up with anything decent to post.

Let me say there are a few things about traveling these days that annoy me to no end.

1. Connecting flights through Chicago. How many crackheads did it take to design O'Hare anyway?

2. Those obnoxious women who insist on treating their little drop-kick dogs like children. Fido belongs down below in a crate, not yapping and wimpering for the duration of a flight.

3. Jet Lag. Since I normally get up at around 5 in the morning, what better way to start off a vacation than by waking up at 3 a.m. MT for three days.

I should be back to full-posting strength in one or two more days.

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