Saturday, December 10, 2005

Richard Pryor 1940-2005:
Comedian Joins Redd Foxx as Heaven's Funniest Mother#$%!ers

If you get easily offended by graphic language, skip this post.

I remember being in this kid's bedroom, three fourth graders huddled together in a circle, whispering, snickering, oohing and ahhing softly, praying we didn't wake the adults in the house.

We'd discovered something naughty. Very naughty.

Not some stash of porn. No, we're talking forbidden stuff. The kind of shit that's completely taboo for young kids.

We were listening to a comedy album, well-worn vinyl creating way too much uncontrollable laughter. I'm sure we woke up somebody.

Pryor was one of the dirtiest of the dirty comics, and I'm proud to say, to this day, I don't just swear well. I still swear like a motherfucker.

I don't swear as flippantly as I once did. With maturity comes a larger vocabulary. But I learned the linguistic survival skills necessary for childhood from guys like , Pryor, and (AKA Dolemite).
Your family's so poor, ya'll have a platinum WIC card.
Your mama so old, she drinks water and pisses the sands of time
Your daddy's so ugly, they shoulda named him Broke Condom Jones.
Your sisters's so stupid, she tried to put free lunch on layaway.
When I first read about Pryor's passing, I couldn't help but remember this one moment from childhood - sitting around a record player and trying in vain to not laugh out loud.

Pryor had this one bit about the sex lives of his pet monkeys. Listening to it now, I still can't help but laugh.

I'm certain Richard Pryor's in heaven, if there is a heaven. I'm equally certain that he's one of the funniest motherfuckers up there.


Anonymous said...

Honestly id never heard of Richard Pryor but I listened to the skit anyway. Reminds me of Chris Rock. Very funny!

Leigh said...

I have fond memories of Richard Pryor too...watching the Toy hehehe He was most certainly a pioneer for all dirty/naughty comics! I think I woke a few people in my household as well.

The Humanity Critic said...

Rest in Peace Richard

Girl on the Blog said...

I remember my grandpa loving Richard Pryor. My grandma would never let me listen to him "the vulgar man" she always exclaimed. As I grew older and was able to watch reruns of his comedy shows I fell in love. He spoke such honesty with humor and witt. I am so thankful he is no longer suffering. He will be missed but his memory will always live on!

RIP Mr. Pryor!

The ZenFo Pro said...

No worries. Now you've heard of him. There's not a doubt in my mind that Chris Rock is influenced by Richard Pryor.

The Toy kicks some serious ass. LOL...

Humanity Critic:
Hey, a Virginian. RIP, indeed.

GOTB: parents and grandparents never knew I was listening to Richard Pryor, so your grandpa was a very forward thinking man. My grandfather loved Redd Foxx, though I think he was afraid to admit it sometimes. Pryor was honest and cutting-edge, and the MS definitely took a toll on him. I was reading about his rather gruesome childhood; he was one tough hombre for surviving the abuse he did.

Jess said... gave me a cigarette an hour ago outside the library! I see you there all the time. You're a bookmark on my friends laptop. I've been writing a paper and I'm just taking a break. Very cool site! That's totally freaky.

Librarians work here on sundays?


The ZenFo Pro said...

Okay...see if I'm awake jacket? Bummed about a pack out yesterday. What a small world, eh? Tell your friend thanks for including me in his/her bookmarks. Hope the paper is going well.

Sadly, some librarians do have to work on Sundays...feel free to say hi sometime when you're in my library. Good luck with Finals, too!