Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Five Bizarre Habits of the ZenFo Pro

Girl on the Blog hit me up with a tag this morning, so I feel it is my gentlemanly duty to respond.

Consider yourself tagged.

Five Very Weird Habits of Mine

1. During the Winter, I keep my house at a balmy 60 degrees, 57 degrees at night.

I get more complaints from female houseguests than male houseguests. Recently, I had two female houseguests, Jen and her traveling companion. I offered to let them take my warmer, second floor bedroom. They said they were fine sleeping on the couch on the colder ground floor.

I awoke to find both women in my bed, THX quality Surround-Sound snoring. Before anybody gets too caught up in some idea that this is a guy's fantasy scenario, let me point out that hyperactive women give off way too much body heat and tend to twitch like chihuahuas whilst sleeping. You'd think two gals who spend the majority of their workday in varying stages of (un)dress could handle cold.

I moved back down to the couch downstairs. I can hardly sleep when the temp. gets above 70 or so. I am not a frigging space heater. That's why I always offer my guests the upstairs.

2. I have a tendency to eat the same thing for months on end.

Eating is mechanical for me. I gave up soda last year. Processed sugar for 2005. I've eaten at least 200 pounds of butter beans since October.

3. Eating beef would probably kill me.

For some reason, my grandmother and I are both allergic to something in beef now. Probably the hormones or agricultural antibiotics. I've been to the emergency room twice because some idiot at a sandwich shop accidently put roast beef on my sandwich.

4. I'm Such a Nonconsumer...

The total value of household furniture (3 bed, 1.5 bath) is probably about $400, excluding books, music, and musical instuments.

I have two bedrooms that are never used. I don't have them heated.

I have a couch. No other seating, besides kitchen table chairs.

5. I Cry Watching Ken Burns' Baseball

Yes. I cried. And I once watched the complete series in one sitting. The orgins of baseball are so interesting, and 19th century baseball was one a research interest of mine.

How many times does a baseball fan get to learn about the old American Association or the Players Association or Old Hoss Radburn or the 1901 Baltimore Orioles?

I also cry watching Field of Dreams...the Burt Lancaster-saves-the-little-girl part always gets me.

And I cried when the Red Sox won the series, when the the Marlins beat the Cubs in that amazing NLCS before that.


kendra said...

i cried when i watched baseball too. i also cry every time i see bang the drum slowly.

Girl on the Blog said...

I also cry watching Field of Dreams... I can "honestly" say this never happened to me... :)

Nonconsumer.. sounds like a batchlors pad to me... :)

Beef... it's the Mad Cow..

Eat the same thing... BUTTER BEANS... ICK!!!

Cold Apartment... I would freeze my little bum off...

Sorry about the tag... :)~ Hey, it gave ya something to write about!

Girl on the Blog said...

I meant "batchelor"

Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...

Now I'm going to have to watch baseball....... on second though probably not.
I prefer cool house warm blankets.

Lupe said...

Hehehe...I have heard about this legendary cold house trick. I still think its a ploy to get freezing girls to hop in bed w you ;) My teasing you the other night didn't have anything to do with your er defensive tone, did it???
See you're online...gotta ask you a question...

The ZenFo Pro said...

Yeah, Bang the Drum gets me weepy, too. I tear up watching lots of flicks.

Hey, I LOVED the tag, chica! Its been so long since I've done one of these things. Always fun :)

Yeah, a bit of a bachelor pad...more like a monastary. I decorate in the late St. Francis of Assisi style...candles, minimal worldly possessions, etc. I've had visitors ask when I'm going to start my cult ;)

Butter beans, deli ham, boca chili, yogurt, coffee, and sugar-free cranberry juice...yup, not an exciting eater. (See monastary ref above.)

LOL...yeah, not good to sit through the like 9 hours during finals week :)
Hey, and thanks for proving I'm not too much of a freak here...three blankets on the couch, two pillows...comfy and cozy :)

The ZenFo Pro said...

Actually, it was a combo of your ribbing and the friend in question's grilling of me when she and her friend found me on the couch in the morning. (I.e. "did we kick you out?" "Did it make you uncomfortable?" "Did you think I had something else in mind?")...lol..hopefully, I'm making more sense than I am on Yahoo right now :) Ask your big sis what I was like to sleep with. All I'm going to say. She's got stories, chica...

KFigment said...

I have to call you out on the Nonconsumer comment. That my dear is bullshit. You are a selective consumer. Yes you did mention that besides music instruments and books. So why don't you fess up. You have a huge obscure music collection, and instruments that rarely get used, and we can't forget the fact that you could educate a small country with the books you choose to keep on hand. You my friend are a very selective consumer. You would rather have things that give you pleasure than are comfort bound and that is one of the million reasons I will always adore you!!!!

The ZenFo Pro said...

No calling out needed. Of course I own things, buy things, trade for things, etc, but not towards the aquisition of wealth. I acquire things that I need. Music is a Fine Art, literature is, well, literature. Conveying of information, hon. And I play my guitars at least four nights a week these days, esp. now that my amp's out of storage. I'd never buy something simply to buy it and I don't put any bullshit imaginary value in the packaging of a thing.

Lol...as long as you don't ever sing that annoying Whitney Houston song...:)