Sunday, October 02, 2005

Bill Bennett: Washed-up Failed Education Guru or Simply a Racist Failed Education Guru?:
Library Bitch: Look How Far They've Come

Interesting outsider's view of Fmr. Education Secretary William Bennett's recent impersonation of klansman David Duke on his radio show, Morning in America, from none other than G., the Library Bitch:

40+ years since the civil rights movement, and, sadly, the United States of America has not come too far at all.

Evidence of this abounds every day. While Hurricane Katrina may have put the subject of racial neglect into mainstream consciousness, some high-profile individuals have, in the meantime, put racial prejudice into the mainstream on their own accord.

The latest, courtesy of Media Matters (thanks Crabbi for the link), is a quote from current right-wing radio talkie, and former Bush Sr. Secretary of Education, Mr. Bill Bennett:


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the linkage, dude. I'm wondering these days when it will start up here ... lately all we've got is the church trying to tell the PM that he can't take communion because he legalized gay marriage ... sigh ... wasn't it Jesus who recommended the separation of church and state, or was I tripping while I read the good book?

Aaargh ... too many assholes out there ... if only those bastards would wipe, the world would smell better, you know?