Thursday, September 15, 2005

Zenformation Playlist Returns! 9/15/05
Shout Out to the Folks at the Alma Maters

1. Carpel Tunnel Syndrome - Kid Koala
KK is probably one of the best turntablists of all time. This song got me through my last two quarters of the ol' undergrad.

2. War - Edwin Starr
That silly movie with Jackie Chan and Christ Tucker - whatever the hell its called - almost ruined this song for me. Almost. Starr has that energy that came along with late Motown. Even a buddy comedy can't ruin it.

3. The Road to Rock and Roll - Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros
Joe Strummer is still sorely missed. For those who don't know who the hell this guy was, go down to your local independent record store and demand (don't ask) for a copy of London Calling. If the clerk has to ask you who recorded the album (the Clash), then you're in a Sam Goody. Maybe Hot Topic, or the Abercrombie and Fitch outlet.

4. Rock the Bells - LL Cool J
Old school, going back in the day - 1985. Ladies still Love Cool James.

5. Cock Mobster - MC Paul Barman
One of the catchiest loops to come out of underground hip-hop in a long time, and the insane lyrics about fornicating with various female celebrities is just damn hillarious.

6. Ghetto Bird - Ice Cube
Can't Diss the Cube. Even if he did do a couple of family-friendly movies and starred in a couple of stoner vehicles, Ice Cube is still one bad mother.

7. How We Know - The Thermals
Song reminds me of a cross between some classic Pogues, thought the band did end up getting a bit overhyped. One of the more energetic current bands.

8. I'm a Bee - Love as Laughter
Sam Jayne is a noise rocker. A la Ted Leo.

9. Pretty Dress- Rosie Thomas
If you dig OTR, but need something with a little more pop appeal. I hate to sound like a wuss, but this song has that kind of Shirley Manson/Aimee Mann kind of beauty to it. Rosie has an awesome voice that can remind anyone of cups of joe at coffee houses on rainy Sundays.

10. Daylight to Dawn - All Night Radio
Such a cute little 1960s style ditty. Very mellow.


Ogbuefi Stephi said...

hey you!
just wanted to say hi.
work's been killer lately. stuck in the center during the power out. fun.
anyway, like the playlist.
i'm working on one for the radio show (starts the 24th! i go in this sat. to mess around with equipment. oh boy!)

zydeco fish said...

London Calling has got to be in the top five rock records of all time. I have to admit that I am unfamiliar with some items on your list. I'll have to do some research.

Lupe :) said...

The Thermals and Paul Barman rock!

LOL! Zydeco,Jason gave me his copy of London Calling as a quinceanera (15th b-day) gift when he was dating my sister.

J. - You stole my Abercrombie and Filth men don't wear abercrombie, northface, or designer labels to prove who they are! its so cool you won't let ppl wear that in your house...fucking awesome dude...we now have the samerule at our house

Fair trade Baby!

Lupe T.

Smurf said...

hey Mr Music guru! ;) I have a question for you... do you remember the rap song that the chorus is "so fresh and so clean"? If so, you know who sings it?

Thanks sweety,