Monday, July 11, 2005

Karl Rove:

Loose Lips Sink Political Ships, Too

OXFORD (ZP) - The White House has a problem. A big problem.

In an era when oral sex is an impeachable offense and in today's political climate, can Karl Rove remain a part of the Bush administration?

This isn't a matter of should Rove remain part of the administration; it's becoming more and more obvious daily that Rove's usefulness has passed its prime.

The question that should be asked, if the allegations are proven true:

Did an advisor to the president become the highest-ranking politico since Benedict Arnold to commit high treason by leaking the name of a CIA operative?

Treason is intentionally very hard to prove in the United States. The Founding Fathers carefully worded the legal definition in Article III, Section 3 of the Constitution:

Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort. No person shall be convicted of treason unless on the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act, or on confession in open court.

John Walker Lindh, the so-called "American Taliban," was the last person to come close to being charged with treason. But a plea agreement kept Lindh away from the executioner. Robert E. Lee and the leaders of the Confederate rebellion did not face charges of treason. Nor did Aaron Burr or any American presidential assassin.

So Karl Rove is probably off the hook in terms of facing a firing squad for risking the lives of untold undercover operatives in the U.S. intelligence infrastructure. Even though he leaked the information, speculatively, for something as trivial as political revenge, Rove will likely attmpt to ride it out, possibly face a grand jury, and end up leaving an unstable presidency in far worse shape, either by firing or by imprisonment.

The irony is that a man who has worked dilligently for 5 years to find loopholes in everything from Free Speech and Press (The PATRIOT ACT) to traditions of unalienable, human rights (the treatment of prisoners of war), will now be protected by those same American safeguards against the abuse of power.

Its funny how Lady Justice works its magic in this Grand American Experiment, all by her mystical, lonesome self. I guess that's why she worn the blindfold for more than two centuries.


FOR MORE INFO, Read David Corn's Analysis:

The Nation: White House Stonewalls on Rove Scandal; by David Corn


KFigment said...

The people who bitch the most about violation of rights and how much the government stinks are the same ones that hold the white flag and beg to be given the rights that government gives criminals.

How can we expect to move forward as a society if the very people that we put into power betray us?

Anonymous said...

Excellent article, thanks!

Of course we know that the paradox (or is it pair of ducks?) that is the GOP will never allow one of its own to go down. Which should make this rather fun to watch.

Anonymous said...

Waxman has already started calling it treason. G, you're right. He'll get off. But hopefully, he'll take enough of his buddies down with him to the political graveyard.

Anonymous said...

Found this while searching for information. Wonderful commentary on the situation. No one even likes using the term treason anymore...scared of the political fallout.

KArl Rove is a traitor to this country if he really did do this. Jepeordizing the lives of our spies for politics is unforgivable.

Norma, Austin