Monday, July 11, 2005

50,000 mark 10th Anniversary of Srebrenica Massacre

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the worst act of genocide in Europe since the Nazi regime.

Ten years ago today, NATO- and UN-supported Dutch forces failed to fire a single shot, according to reports, to deter a Serb militia from marching into a town. The civilians rounded up and summarily executed 6-8,000 while "peacekeepers" stood by and watched like a bunch of helpless children.

Where was the U.S. in all this? Well, politicaland social upheaval was a flurry back in 1995. We had sex scandals to deal with. We had O.J. Simpson's face plastered on every television screen. And Republicans and Democrats were duking it out over budgets and sex scandals.

Who has time to stop genocide with those kinds of important things, right?


What about the French government? Where were they? Many of my fellow Americans point to France as a role model for international relations, the world's voice of reason in the face of Big Bad Dubya. I mean, Chirac's government currently points out periodically how the French demand a kinder, genter world, decrying U.S. aggression in Iraq...

Like duh! How could I for forget! Chirac was busy detonating nuclear weapons in the middle of Polynesia as part of a six-blast test. Had to get those in before signing the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty in 1996.

Yeah. The important stuff, right?


From the Belfast (Ire.) Telegraph


Dark Mistress said...

For your information, the french are really peaceful and u no nothing about them. i was in france last summer - they're such peaceful people with a peaceful history. The U.S. is nothing more than a warmonger. And the guys in Paris are hotter too.

Make peace with yourself and love life!

Anonymous said...

Dark Mistress,

Okay...have to post...

Where the hell did that you get that?

Wait...let me see if I get this straight...

Are you trying to justify the French government's ignorance of the situation in Bosnia TEN years ago because you think Parisan boys are hot?!? And what the fuck? Do you think your summer vacation experience somehow makes you qualified to make those kinds of generalizations about a nation's history? Ever hear of the the French Revolution? Napoleon? The invasion of Mexico? Colonial rule of SE Asia?

Somehow having hot guys in 2004 justifies ignoring genocide???

For fuck's sake! Look, I hate what the US is doing to Iraq and Afghanistan. I hate the fact that it now takes longer to get down to Seattle for the weekend. And I hate Bush's aggression. But I refuse to call America a "warmonger" on the whole. I hate it when the 'Mericans come up to Vancouver to make Molson, Hockey, and moose-fucker jokes. (They only fuck moose in Halifax :-)

Vancouver, BC

KFigment said...

Dark Mistress I see you are still to afraid to post who you are but I will say it again. Honey, never fuck with people smarter than you you will never win. By the way on this blog EVERYONE is smarter than you.

Patrick couldn't have said it better myself.

Smurf said...

I find it interesting that you make this post today. Timing- I mean... I am trying to buckle down and get my Ethics comparative essay done one Ubermensche vs Christianity ethically... Nietzsche the founder of the philosophy of ubermensche was German by Ethnicity and loved the French...where he grew up and spent most of his time...The fact that the Nazi's got the idea of the superior race (according to my Ethics teacher) from the concept of ubermensche (over man or super men)... taken out of context... I just thought the day I learned about UBERMENSCHE in class you posted on the old OAP guy being found me trying to buckle down and write this LARGE paper you post this... hmm... I also find it amazing that you can have such deep takes on so much! What an amazing guy you are Jasobo Fett BOUNTY HUNTER OF KNOWLEDGE!

I love ya! ;)