Friday, July 22, 2005


SI.Com - John Rolfe: Dark cloud hangs over Nats

I love baseball. I love the idea of baseball. I love the smell of grass on the field, the sound of crowds cheering and booing, even the $9 beers at the ballpark.

Lots of Americans do, too. The people in Washington, DC love their new Washington Nationals, courtesy of the city of Montreal.

After all, it IS the national pastime.

Why, then, is Rep. Tom Davis (R-Virginia), the guy behind the Congressional Hearings on steroid abuse in pro sports, threatening to go after MLB's antitrust exemption if the Nats are sold to George Soros, a leading Bush critic and billionaire?

Because politics is the other national pastime.

How dare Soros try to buy a ball club? Doesn't he know that politicos aren't supposed to do that?

I mean, talk about political suicide! George W. Bush owned the Texas Rangers, traded Sammy Sosa, and almost bankrupted the franchise, but look how he turned out?

FULL ARTICLE HERE: - Writers - John Rolfe: Dark cloud hangs over Nats - Tuesday July 19, 2005 12:15PM

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