Monday, June 27, 2005

News from the Sunshine

Found this tale posted on the Bundeblog this morning.

Did I miss the memo? Why is it that every library board and commission in America seems to now be full of people who dislike the idea of public libraries and the freedom to read?

Commission adopts new library policies :
Measures aim to restrict county children's access to sex-oriented material


KFigment said...

Leave it to Florida. Do these people not understand that the reason the crime rate and the h/s drop out rate is so fucking high is because we are hiding "sexually explicit material" from our children. They are ending up pregnant and dropping out h/s and getting jobs to support their kids and when they don't have money they fall into the system and get caught up.

When your parents told you not to do something as a kid that was the one thing you wanted to do. I say put it on TV, in the schools, on billboards, and in your home. Take the mystery out of sexually explicit material and show these kids how to protect themselves, respect themselves and stop hiding it. If they want to read about it fantastic. Better yet go with them and read it together then talk about it.

LoweryC said...

The repressed nature of our society is one of the biggest contributing factors in its steady decline.

The more the right advocates, the more hypocrisy takes over. Witness prohibition. Witness the rise of film, then video, then Internet porn as the right gradually accretes power. When those self-same leaders - from Jim Bakker to Jimmy Swaggart fall to "temptation" and pray for forgiveness, then they are forgiven - but their crimes, their carnality still exist. Can we expect less of the average person with less successful means?