Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Cold Archives Experiment

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Several Folks have inquired about CAE album art, music files, etc.

Ask and ye shall receive...

Low bandwidth, sorry...and not the full album House of Provenance (Some are From Noise Art Patron, still unfinished):

Danger Will Robinson

Electronic Antichrist

Fight Song No. 2

Public Enemy No. 1 - Public Enemy (Black Keys mash-up) - Rough mix...probably not finished yet...

Remo Williams vs. the Empire Index

Rocky Bush Machine - My protest song; submitted to a Iraq War Protest Downbeat label project last year. They, unfortunately didn't have the funds to put out the album.

Wait and See Revolution - Okay, who gets loaded, hops on a buddy's busted-ass Geminis, digs through their crates, and combines Captain Beefheart, The Astronauts, and Tom Waits with a stock beat? And who goes home and adds a Black Panther oral history sample?

Bibliosonic - Again, who loops Enya, Library of Congress Lomax Collection samples? The dophin sound from Star Trek IV? a harpsicord? Hmmm...Only a librarian named BallKap :)


Ms. Jen said...

Okay...you need to get out of Ohio and back to civilization...

Loving the Librarian beats! I already knew you had rythmn...;)


Anonymous said...

I love it! I always KNEW you were talented!