Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Batman, Superman, and the American Legends that Matter

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As a comic geek, its about time they produced a new Batman film. Batman, like Superman, is a deeply cherished part of the American fabric, reflective of both the culture that bore it and universal in appeal.

Both the Caped Crusader and the Man of Steel, as outlined in countless comic cross-overs and series, are products of one of the darkest timesin American history - the Great Depression and the hope for a hero to combat the ills of the day. The universal appeal of both figures spawned a rise in the artform and literary value of comics

Superman and Batman's appeal globally comes less from the action of the superhero mythos and more from the subtle, personal experience of both characters.

Both are orphans who's families died violently; one a wealthy earthling who witnesses the destruction caused by greed and poverty and one who, after being adopted by a working-class farm family, learns the true responsibility of being a powerful being who understands right and wrong. While Bruce Wayne sets out to right the world's wrongs by risking his fortune and life to help those who don't have his resources, he is also works to come to grips with his internal rage and the balance between justice and revenge. Clark Kent, when not fawning over Lois Lane, chooses to live life as a normal, every-day reporter at a city newspaper, fighting injustice with the pen during the day and the fist at night.

That's what makes them Superheros, more than just simply comic book characters worthy of a blockbuster film. Many characters come across as being heros because they're superior in some way; characters like Batman and Superman reflect the power of being vulnerable, of being mentally and emotionally unsure at times, and of having to make tough decisions. They become superheros because they ARE us.


Smurf said...

WOW! Need I say more?

Anonymous said...

You rock! Batman is one of my heroes, too!

Haven't seent he flick yet, but I'm ready to rock this one, even if its at the Princess 4 here in town.


KFigment said...

See that is why you always meke me smile because you point out what should be easy to see to all those who over look it.