Saturday, May 21, 2005

Packing for Cali. Got a sinus thing in full effect (the Miami Valley is like a den of satanic spores), and need ome packing music. Flying out of Indie. The one thing that absolutely sucks monkey turds about Oxford is the lack of a decent airport within an hour's drive.

I guess flying out of Baton Rouge and Louis Armstrong (New Orleans) spoiled me. It took me 12 minutes to get from my doorsetep to BTR. If I had a buttcrack-of-dawn flight, I could make it in under ten minutes. It was exactly one-hour's drive to NOLA to the airport.

I think I've flown out of more "home" airports than your average non-businesss traveler. I have a head full of airport codes from the various airports I've flown out of. For the last five X-mases, I'f flown out of four different "homes." Man, being a 21st century drifter is a pretty bizarre thing. ...

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