Thursday, November 08, 2007

Painkillers and Writing Don't Mix

OXFORD, Ohio (ZP) -- Taking a break while I recover from emergency dental surgery.

Four hours. One stubborn-ass wisdom tooth. And one very skilled, patient dentist, a guy about my age who looked just about as nervous as I was. Fully awake the whole time, too, with just enough Novocaine to take the edge off.

Lord, the blood. Christ. My face looked like an appetizer tray at a vampire convention. Hopefully, it was just an abscess... forgot toask afterwards because, well, I could barely speak.

And, yes, I'm being very careful about the Vicodin. Wasn't really a prescription - drug abuser, but, well, if I start craving it, heh, I'm checking into rehab. Ten years clean is, well, ten years clean.

Will be watching tons of classic flicks, like Peckinpah's early masterpiece, Ride the High Country and Kubrick's underrated noir The Killing - probably loads of gory flesh-eating zombie flicks, too.

Recommended reading? Michelle Tea, Iceberg Slim, I.N.C. Aniebo...

And if you miss my overuse of naughty, unliterary profanity, try Kurt Vonnegut's lost science fiction classic, The Big Space Fuck. Read the sucker three times this week.

Cool to still be alive, though.



Xmichra said...

ouch. hope the fave gets better.. tooth pulls are brutal.

Naomi said...

Wisdom tooth issues. Ewww. Been there. Feel better.

Cat. said...

Wisdom is overrated anyway! Be good, be careful, and sleep.

SeizeTheNite said...

Sorry to hear about the tooth...been there and know how much it sucks.
Enjoy the movie watching and book reading.
Nice Vonnegut suggestion, too!

Jessica said...

I cannot tell you how I hate the dentist's chair. Been there - the dentist actually kissed me on the forehead after he was done because it had been so horrid a time.
No real drugs for me - allergic to everything but ibuprofen (but 1000 mg of that will knock you down).
Feel better, cutie. And, um, no one else's tongue (or anything else) in your mouth until you're healed, OK?

xboxgirl said...

Gosh, for you to say "Cool to still be alive, though." makes it sound like a really horrifying ordeal to me(who's-only-been-to-the-dentist-once, all my teeth are perfect, never had a cavity).

You poor darling, hope you feel better.

Oh and I'd gladly pay 10 cents to read a zenfo pro comic book.

EsotericWombat said...

Damn. Here's hoping the Vicodin does its job and nothing else.

And I'm absolutely in favor of you doing comics. Pulp Gonzo; how fucking awesome would that be?

Woeful said...

"Lord, the blood"
-- I've been there! The most wasted I ever was was after my wisdom teeth were extracted (this is not written lightly). After it was over the Dr. asked me how I was doing and I responded, "I'm on fucking Pluto."

The ZenFo Pro said...

Thanks. Going gangbusters.

Muchas gracias!

Heh. Yes, and when that wisdom abscesses itself in half, wow, what a bitch.

Well, howdy, stranger! I had to put you back on the ol' blogroll - figured you'd just given up the ghost.

doing much better. And, lol, a stack full of DVDs and books makes me feel better than most women, anyway :P

Yeah, not fun. And, well, considering I've been to more drs this year than I've been to in 25 years, wow...

Heh, that was actually a PhotoShop training session gone waaayy awry.

I'm just glad he didn't use Nitrous.