Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Remixes, Covers and Other Random Hip Sounds To Help You Find Your Bad Monkey Lovin' Self...

Nine Inch Nails, Year Zero, feat. Thavius Beck and Saul Williams, 2007

Saul Williams? A legend in spoken word. And Trent Reznor? Homeboy gets better with age, really. Thavius? The man is one of my favorite underground hip-hop producers.

A friend of mine turned me onto Thavius Beck a long time ago, but not before Thavius turned her on. She claims to have had the some of the best orgasms of her life while leaning her wooden stool against a nightclub wall in Los Angeles, listening to the cat's stuff blaring through speakers and vibrating her barstool just... oh gawd ... right.

I have a feeling, given the fact that the woman in question is also a huge NIN fan, there are a lot of violated barstools in the Greater Los Angeles area. I don't think I'd touch her washing machine, either...

Geto Boys, Uncut Dope: The Geto Boys' Best (Rap-a-Lot, 1992)

How is it that I'm one of only a handful of people left who fucking remembers this song before it appeared in Office Space?

Rammstein, Stripped single (Motor Music, 1998)

Remixed by Charlie Clouser, this cover of a Depeche Mode classic has been scaring the living out of the ZenFo Pro student neighbors for weeks now.

Body Count, Born Dead, (Virgin/Rhyme Syndicate, 1994)

You know, this is probably one of my all-time favorite covers of a Jimi Hendrix recording ("Hey Joe," itself, was actually a cover, mastered by the legendary guitarist).

Here's a piece of random trivia: Body Count vocalist Ice-T remains the only artist to ever perform guest vocals on a Black Sabbath studio album, their last studio recording, 1995's lackluster Forbidden. That album was, coincidentally, produced by BC guitarist Ernie C.

The Dickies, 7" release (1978)

Speaking of Black Sabbath... how 'bout a Sabbath cover?

Terrorfakt, via artist web site.

Yes, this is a grindcore/sludge remix of classic Slayer sounds. Terrorfakt's remixes are generally dark, brooding - a lot of that is tied to the act's history. According to the artist's web site, the project first formed on Sept. 11, 2001, as a sort of club tribute to those who lost their lives in NYC, Washington, and Pennsylvania that bloody day.

Sage Francis, Human the Death Dance (Epitaph, May 8, 2007)

This WILL be the be one of the most important hip-hop songs of 2007.

This track, leaked via YouTube, well, yesterday, was produced by Canada's hip-hop version of Tom Waits, Buck 65. The video features super-hot alt-folk contributor Jolie Holland and just about every major white underground emcee of the past five years.

Holland's voice gave me an erection. I'm not going to lie. June Carter and Bonnie Raitt's voices do the same thing.


Glad I'm not wearing sweatpants.

The Scar, via artist MySpace, 2006

This London-based (via Sidney and New York) remix artist has been a favorite of mine for some time now. I don't remember who first turned me on to the guy, really.

But trust me... He's very good at turning on women who find his work buried in your computer's music directory.

For Wombat and Shayna.

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xboxgirl said...

'DAMN IT FEELS GOOD TO BE A GANGSTA' yeah, I'm one of those who only knows of that song because it was in 'Office Space'.

The ZenFo Pro said...

Lol... I can always tell when the academic year starts winding down... only one comment.

In all honesty, I love Office Space. It's just interesting, I guess, that so many folks who are hip-hop fans don't seem to remember this before the movie. The film made it popular, sure.

Dunno...maybe it's a Southern Thang...

cooper said...

I sweat I commented here shortly after it was posted before a weekend full of .....

I was particularly interested in investigating T Beck further for obvious reasons. ;)

Jacob said...

Does the turn on work with wives?

I feel very uncool and out of it after reading this.

Such is life I guess.

I at least get to live vicariously through the various blogs I read.

The ZenFo Pro said...

Yeah, I was wondering about comment posting problems. You're the third person I've heard from on it...

I'd recommend, also, purchasing an older washing machine... ;)

Lol, it might, actually. The "Problem Child" remix, in my opinion, would be a great motivator for impromptu strip teases in the bedroom...

Oh, don't feel uncool... lol, I'm just a music nerd... trust me, though, if you did make a mix CD of some of the stuff I find online, lol, you'd just have colleagues' kids ask for copies :)

EsotericWombat said...

One could also put something under one of the legs to destabilize it just a smidge.

Hey Joe is one of my favorite Hendrix songs and also the song my father asks me to play if he's ever around and I'm messing around on my guitar. Which is to say, I was glad to hear someone other than Hendrix play it and not butcher it =P There was another good one that Slash played fantastically on, but Steve Winwood took some of the life out of the vocals.

Paranoid was good, but if I'm going to put on something that isn't the Sabbath version I think it'd be the ska cover by Ruder Than You.

Thanks, dude

The ZenFo Pro said...

Hey, that's what wooden shims are for ($1.49 + at most building supply places)... ;)

The BC cover always impressed me the most, given the video, especially. Great way to capture the mood, demonstrate the impact of Hendrix on black Americans in rock. Ice T was/is great at portraying the different facets of a true African-American artist ... not only is he an OG pimp, he's a dynamic actor, musician, etc...

Very underrated.

Lol, I was just excited to find the Dickies anywhere online. I'd heard of this cover, but had never been able to find it on any comp...