Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I'm Not Dead Yet, But I Sure Feel Like It

OXFORD, Ohio (ZP) -- Due to a rather hectic work schedule, I've been staying away from the Ol' Blog Homestead this week.

Work sucks. Then you die. C'est la vie.

Things are now beginning to slow up a bit, at least enough for me to drop a few quick notes...

To the reader/visitor I promised a "non-lame" post about hanging out last week:

Working on it.

To the local readers who I almost injured with a shelving section upright earlier this week:

I appreciate meeting people who read the ol' blog and actually enjoy the feedback, but please - PLEASE - don't walk into a construction area where I'm framing up a couple of hundred pounds' worth of steel shelving wearing flip-flops.

Yes, the carpet's down, and, yes, there are other people coming and going. But for your safety, please wait for a time to introduce yourself or comment on the blog's content when I'm not handling enough steel that, if accidentally dropped, could amputate digits or break bones.

I hope this isn't too embarrassing, and I sincerely apologize for snapping at you. Drop me an email; we'll do coffee on me.

To a few new readers/friends and acquaintances who've found the ZenFo Pro online persona shocking, weird, boring, or scandalous:

Hey, like I've told numerous people over the last two years, there's a reason I don't post the real names, places of employment, or any other intimate details that random online lurkers could potentially use to do harm to others. I carefully edit each post for potential leaks of personal information that could make people easily identifiable to total strangers (but not necessarily mutual friends, acquaintances, or other involved parties.)

I try to take people's feelings into account with each keystroke I make in this stupid thing, but I cannot guarantee that some folks will not be offended or will not become upset. And, contrary to what some people may think, I don't publish anything out of revenge, anger, spite, or cruelty.

I've, surprisingly, only had three complaints out of the more than 400 posts I've shared to date from people directly involved with any given piece, even when the subject matter isn't exactly flattering. I'd like to think that says something about how I write and the careful thought I put into almost everything that appears on this site.

And, yes, that includes exes, flings, and other women I've written about as well. Some of them have even shared their posts with current significant others. Others simply think the whole blog thing is way too silly to worry about.

There are several people who, FYI, read this blog regularly who still have no clue which posts involve them and which don't - and I'm not telling.

To the "OSU Three" who've called, emailed, sent carrier pigeons, etc., in an attempt to have a certain question answered professionally:

Um, I could answer that question, but I don't have a clitoris.

In all honesty, I don't think any librarian could answer that question professionally, but, well, if you do go to your local academic library to ask a male librarian said personal question, please take a digital camera and set up a YouTube account.

Or drive down to Oxford ;)

[NOTE - Wouldn't you, dear non-involved party, like to know....]

To the local folks who want to know if its appropriate to ask my student staff or colleagues about the blog:

Well, I'd prefer that you didn't, but it's up to you. I trust your judgment.

And how do you know they aren't reading this now? Or haven't read in the past? Not even I can answer that, unless they've indicated it to me already.

Well, that's it for now. Back to picking steel flakes out of my shin and cleaning the drywall dust outta my contacts.

~ J.


EsotericWombat said...

you know, I'd suggest that you write a comprehensive response to all of the "where's your sense of professionalism" bs and sink it in the archives so you can just link to it whenever it comes up.

Leigh said...

You are the out in out King of the Shout Out. I think you got the whole community of blogger, and then some, covered,

The ZenFo Pro said...

Lol...yeah, it's funny how people think librarians are eiher irrelevant or are qualified to answer just about any damned question :)

Lol, yeah, you may be right there. Covered mst of Ohio now I think.

xmichra said...

nothing like a post of random inside jokes/deal/whatevers.. lol!

Hope you are doing well and the busy part is good.

If i don't see you come gift day, have a great holiday :)

Miz BoheMia said...

You know, I would say that if a woman is not well acquainted with her clitoris or what to do with it they should perhaps take it up with their gynecologist... just sayin'... and did you really think that I would see "clitoris" and forgo commenting on it? P-LEASE!!! ;-P

Glad to have you back amigo mio... bohemians find you faboo... but can relate to accusations of "weird"... *sigh* Oh well!

The ZenFo Pro said...

Thanks. And you too (RE: holidays:)

Lmao...actually, the question dealt with ...ahem...certain preferences for clitoral jewelry :P

You? Comment on "clitoris?" NEVER I SAY!

alice said...

all that lickin and tickin sounds exhausting.

Miz BoheMia said...

I figured... but see? I got it out of you now didn't I? Ha, ha, haaaa! ;-P

Crap... maybe Loverboy is right in calling me manipulative!


G said...

Could a bodyguard be far off in your future? Good luck on the flkaes and the dust. ~ G

G said...

or the flakes.