Friday, September 29, 2006

Yeah, So Maybe My Jeans are a Bit Tight...
Self-Portraits of the ZenFo Pro

OXFORD, Ohio (ZP) -- I had a work-related photo shoot this afternoon and a meeting with a blog reader about a offline research project.

While bored in between work and blog gigs, I decided to snap a few shots of myself.

Not a big fan of self-portraits, but, well, I spend a bit of time snapping photos of work-related events and torture other unsuspecting people...

I almost look good in these shots - almost. Must be the jacket. I almost look like...


No...can't be...I'm too young, really...and I missing the bun...

A librarian?

Well, shit.

* * * *

Often, folks at work will crack jokes about my tight-ass (or ass-tight?) Wranglers and cowboy boots. Ohioans seem completely unaware that there's a large segment of the American population that view my attire as appropriate workwear.

Christ, I was born in Arizona - land of Gunslingers, Marty Robbins, and Apache Wars. Spent much of the last decade living out West. I no longer own a standard tie. I hate dress shoes. And I don't like dressing like a mortician, even for formal events.


Are my pants too tight? Can one truly discern my religion based on my jeans?

Not really. But one can almost make out the make of my mobile phone and the brand of lighter I use.

You know, this may be the single most random post I've ever written.


sassinak said...

sweetie? you didn't have to tell me it was a zippo.

and if they don't like your jeans i consider that their problem.

yay for random

EsotericWombat said...

And what was that answer to the question we never needed answered about Jason?

the left.

the question? Anyone?


EsotericWombat said...

also, I think I have that same phone...

Joanna said...

Hey, i'm all about the librarian in jeans! I think it's much more user friendly.... and I like the pictures!

Butterfly said...

hey wanted to say thanks for lettin me vent and for breakfast. i hope your relationship problems are better soon. you really are a cute guy and if i were older yeah i'd be all over you :-) i'll probably transfer but its nice to have somebody just listen hope i didn't get you in trouble or anything

kendra said...

i think only one librarian in my library doesn't wear jeans on a regular basis. that seems to be the trend on campus.

i must say, the crotch shot was a suprise.

alice said...

Yeah wombat you may have the same phone but you would not be wearing tight jeans like that...I don't know either of you but I know that Jason is a tight jean person and you are not.

I can't say if your pants are too tight Jason, as long as your underwear isn’t forced up your butt crack and your testicles aren’t compressed when you sit down- because I hear that that is not good for them - then I guess they are alright.

Warnings though, posting pictures like that online will get you some stalkers and by the end of the week you will hate yourself.

You know if a female posted a picture similar to that the fallout would be so much different and in two diverise directions.



Bob Patterson said...

I'm oddly aroused...

HuneeB said...

First I have to stop laughing at the fact that one of your tags is crotch shot and then at Bob's comment.

So are you taking these "crotch shots" at work?? (still laughing) Okay but you *gasp* don't look like ANY librarian I have ever seen! I like random, random is a nice breakup from serious...although I like your serious too :)

I really didn't pin you for the hipster hair tho...guess that's what I get for putting you in a certain box...

Smurf said...

Damn Jason, you look really good. I am a bit surprised by your crotch shot though.. lol ... I am not making fun.. but anyways yea, the damn was for the top two especially the one on the right. ttyl

The ZenFo Pro said...



Yup. An LG.

Hey, thanks. Doing what I do (I'm covered in dust and other stuff usually), its a waste to wear anything nice.

Hey, you paid for the grub. Not often a student buys the librarian breakfast :) No problem. Anytime. Lol, err...I guess the "relationship" is over I think, but no worries....doing just fine.

Lol, yeah...the shot is actually an accidental shot while I was trying to turn off the auto-flash on the D70.

I miss living out west. I swear, I don't understand how Northeasterners haven't choked on all the cultural norms...

Nah, they're not too tight. I used to be a baggy jeans guy, but the crotches were always getting hung up on something (i.e., ladders, nails, etc.) compressed testes and I'm lucky if I remember to wear underwear, actually. No worries, though - my junk is well taken care of.

Lol...more stalkers...oh joy ;)

Actually, I prefer the term "Harlot American." Sounds more PC :)

And no I'm slightly disturbed.I'm sure it was the phone. I get that a lot.

Aww, thanks. It was an accidental shot, but, lol, I was cracking up so much (long stressful week at work and offline personal stuff) that I decided to share the humor. I kinda pride myself on the fact that most people usually mistake me for the handyman.

As for the hair, you know, my one big self-conscious thing is the fact that I have a bit of grey hair showing in the front. I kept my head shaved for so many years, too, so I really have no clue what to do with the stuff. A friend suggested a few years ago that I try this pomade stuff. When I figured out I could use the gunk right out of the shower and it only took 10 seconds, the "Anime" hair was born. Lol, never even thought about it actually being hipster air...

Saw ya called...been swamped with personal drama (I told someone I wouldn't post specifics, but I'm trying to find a creative way to vent...) as well as work shit. Thanks! Yeah, I kinda dig em. Figure I'm making up for the fact that there are maybe 5 pictures taken of me from, boredom. Nothing like the lull before the meetings...

shayna said...

I prefer tight jeans over baggy any day... :)~

pia said...

Hey, random is great, or else I have been deluding myself

Agree with Shayna :-)

ziggystardust73 said...

um, I don't really know what to say. Apart from something really, really inappropriate.

Best keep my mouth shut.

Cat. said...

Like Ziggy, I'm saying nothin', except that I too use an LG phone.

And you look like NO librarian in my county.

EsotericWombat said...

Knew it.

Smurf said...

Plus one reason no one can deny, you are proud and rightly so of the weight loss. Just guessing, but hey, you look really hot, so why not show pictures if you are so inclined.

Smurf said...

You know what Jason? You look the same just your features are more pronounced in certain ways... you also look older than when I knew you. That is something I have thought a bit about. My brother is very slender and has been for a while now... He was looking at some pictures and he could tell a difference. To me the difference was that in the picture he looked happy and in real life he looks wearthered... not bad but like he has been through a lot and that he isn't completely happy. Well, that got me to thinking, you know I really haven't been thin in about 10 years. So when I reach my goal, I am going to look different than I did before. I know that probably sounds strange put in to terms like that, but seriously... I wonder what the difference will be and if I will have ages a lot or a little? Hmm... we will have to see. Oh yea, will you please either post on your own diet regimin or will you email me with it?

merci beaucoup mon ami.

The ZenFo Pro said...

Lol. Yeah, took me a while to appreciate em myself.

Random? Of course its great. Beats the everyday bullshit ;)

Lmao. Aw, go for it. I can take it :)

Wow...err...the frigging crotch shot is leaving folks speechless... ;)

Thanks, chica :)

Lol. Hey, at least you didn't leave a "How's it hangin'" comment ;)

You know, I don't even think about it. It wasn't intentional,chica. No diets. Just had to give up a few things. And stress. And, well, I guess the crunches, chin-ups, and pushups I've been doing since grad school finally paid off a bit (again, stress reliever). Side effect of West Nile maybe? Dunno.

Smurf said...

A diet is an eating pattern sweety. But I hear you, you didn't do it with the intention of losing weight that just happened and you toned up by the excercise. I just remember you telling me what it consisted of once and I cannot for the life of me remember anything except lots of beans and no red meat.

Anonymous said...

hi just have to say you have the nicest ass of any guy in oxford. feelfree to bend over antie your shoes in king anytime. thats all :-)

LibraryTavern Liz said...

hmmmm, maybe I should post a crotch or ass shot on my blog ... mmmm, or maybe not.

Leigh said...

Oh my... very nice crotch shot. Very refreshing to see a guy questioning the appropriateness if his attire.

But hey, wear what you like, even if you have a lower sperm count at the end of the day.

Angel, librarian and educator said...

Jeans all the way on my end as well. Not as tight, but comfortable. No sense dressing like a mortician as you point out. Makes me glad the library I am at is pretty casual overall. No, not posting the crotch shot (or other shot for that matter); it could scare the kiddies. Best, and keep on blogging.

P.S. Hey, what's a blog without the occasional totally random post?

The ZenFo Pro said...

Well, either way, I kinda didn't plan it. As for the beans and no red meat, yep...that's about it. No tricks.

Err...thanks, I think.

Aw, c'mon. Every librarian's doing it ;)

Lol, worries. Jeans aren't that tight :)

You know, I'm an extremely low maintenance kinda guy. I own six pairs of the exact jean. Love em. Luckily, we don't have a dress code, either...though its aparent that I live in the Northeastern U.S. (Sigh.)

Lol, I think I'm scaring the kiddies as well, actually.

sARAH said...


The ZenFo Pro said...

Sarah: keys...

Lmao...yeah...will leave it at that.

There's a first time for everything, I guess :)