Monday, September 18, 2006

Generalissimo Francisco Franco is Still Dead...
However, ZenFo Pro Sightings Have Now Been Confirmed in Southwest Ohio...

* * * REVISED 9:48 AM ET * * *

OXFORD, Ohio (ZP) -- For the record, I'm not dead. Not even close.

So my little cold apparently grew into walking pneumonia two weeks ago. Despite that, I was unable to take time off from work due to a series of deadlines worth, well, a couple of million dollars.

Two choices. Take time off and waste taxpayer funds? Or suck it up, push the human body to its limits, and get the job done?

So...I chose Door No. 2.

Yep. I'm a dumbass.

But I hate wasting tax dollars more than I hate the idea of ending up in a coma.

Not to sound too arrogant, but I can now guarantee, beyond a reasonable doubt, that my extreme "Library as Place" version of librarianship is the most physically grueling known to the profession. There's no back-up for the kind of work I do. If I get sick, there's nobody to cover a reference desk shift, no one to sign off on book slips for me in my absence, nobody to cover save for the Bosses and maybe a few brave volunteers.

Oh, the joys of being so damned specialized within librarianship.

To conserve energy, I tried to stay offline as much as possible. I was beat, and I, well, needed my beauty sleep. For the last few weeks, I've been pale enough to pass for the missing member of Joy Division.

I didn't completely drop off the Blogosphere last week. If you haven't already, check out my Brawl over at Sar's Place.

And per a ZenFo Pro "patron request," I've created a MySpace Music page for my Cold Archives Experiment to allow people to listen without having to download certain tracks first. Not a MySpace fan, but, well...

I should be back to blogging regularly this week...

Until then, check out my little trip down Amnesia Lane, via Courting Destiny. Pia invited me to be one of her guest bloggers while she finishes her offline book.

Somewhere in the midst of my quasi-dead haze, I managed to crank out something.

If ya like little fuzzy bunnies or have ever had sex in Wyoming, you may enjoy the post. Feel free to file under fever-induced librarian post-sex conversation tales.


Smurf said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
HuneeB said...

Feel better, get lots of sleep...

Sar said...

Dayyyyam Smurf! J/K ;)

Jason I hope you're feeling better. Take care of yourself & I'll be by to lend support to your guest stint at our favorite memoire composer's place.

Thanks again for your guest spot on the Brawl, it was quite a success. :)

pia said...

Oh waste those tax payer dollars :-)

Hope that you're feeling much better

Love the bunny story---if you can do that when sick :-)

sassinak said...

oh man

that's hilarious

and for the record? *I* hate that question.

that said, dude i admire your dedication to saving tax payer money but um... no more dangerous pneumonia okay? we'd miss your blog!

Smurf said...

J- I went ahead and deleted my comments. Hope you get better.

A Former Miami Reader Who Used to Think You Were Hot said...

Hey zenfo pro asshole. i waited outside mac and joes to say hi because i didn't know you were like trying to hook up with that blonde bitch bartender. and then you blew me and my friend amy off. i thought you had more class than to hit on a townie but there you were macking on the LAST woman i'd expect you to hook up with.

somebody told me you're kind of a player in the bars. i should've known.

you realize that well you could've gone home with TWO hotties tonight (yeah we were gonna pitch a threesome until you ignored us) and b/cyou didn't even acknowledge we existed in the alley i probably won't read your cite again.

Anonymous said...

Wasting tax dollars? You care? I'm guessing you haven't worked for a public instution, bro. ;-)

First rule in The Pub is you stop caring. Otherwise, the pace will get you down. And then you're toast. People in government, on any level, hate to move on anything - and this is magnified in the municipal and county levels, because there is less pressure for results in the more rural settings.

I've got to tell you, I'm glad to be out of public service. And not because I cared about tax dollars - I just got frustrated with all the talk surrounding ideas that never got put into action. A lot of that goes on in The Pub ... just enough talk of future directions and possibilities to guarantee next year's budget, and then little-to-nothing happens. It's a good month when 'a little bit' gets accomplished.

The only way to survive The Pub longterm is to stop caring about the taxpayers. Yeah, it's cold, but most people already know you have to be heartless to serve in government (unless you want your spirit to be ultimately crushed), so it is what it is. Care little on the job, care a lot at home. It's the only way you ever feel you're accomplishing anything in The Pub.

But the pace that breeds, well, that's its own frustration, and probably the chief reason why I haven't gone back. I can't get ideallistic over the job, because to me it's just a small part of my life, the thing I do to enable me to do the things I do. But that slow, interminable, talk-about-nothing-and-do-even-less approach just drives me up the wall. To the point where I'd rather be at home watching - ugh - reality tv (did I just say that?) than getting paid to listen to that drivel. The lesser of two drivels, I guess.

Speaking of drivel, where am I going with this, anyway? Oh, yeah. You chose stress, and I respect your being able to care enough to do so, but I don't think I could have done it. Not feeling the way you say you were, anyway. Not unless it were the only option. Dedication only goes so far as necessary stress. But as soon as the 'un-' creeps in there, you gotta look out for number one, because if he gets laid up over it, he can't help anybody, you know?

Cheers for letting me ramble on about what amounts to pretty much nothing, J. I must have worked The Pub too long. ;-)

Hey, a dedicated librarian is a hard thing to find. I gave it a shot, got jaded fast, but you seem to have the gift. Keep it up, bro.


shayna said...

Hope you are feeling better!!!

sassinak said...

oh man
i remember being that young

dear wannabe threesome girl... if he had wanted to fuck you he'd have talked to you. now you're just feeding his ego.

have a nice day
ps shame on you for judging on appearances little girl

ziggystardust73 said...

Jason -

I loved your post-sex post; even more, I loved the comment by "A Former Miami Reader Who Used to Think You Were Hot said... "

Who uses the word 'townies' anyway?

oh, she did.