Sunday, August 06, 2006

New Look, New Feel, Just in Time for the New Academic Year...

Sorry, no Back-to-School specials available ;)

I've mixed up the template, started to weed out bad links, and made a few changes to the ol' ZenFo Pro homestead.

Explanation forthcoming...

- Jason


kendra said...

looking pretty nice. i'm in the same kind of mood.

and i don't want school to start.

Anonymous said...

Change is always a good thing. Keeps it fresh. You know, like new fruit in the supermarket. Because the old stuff just gets squishy after a spell. Ew.


--spared-- said...

Much better pic. That other pic conjured up all the wrong memories from Brokeback Mountain.

cooper said...

This is perfect. Then again I do like things dark and yes the james dean look is better than the cowboy look. I guess seeing that midnight cowboy movie on tv when I was young sort or didn't endear me to cowboys.

Miz BoheMia said...

Oooh so pretty! Can definitely relate to a need for something new... that is why the pink came about!

Rock on amigo and funk it up!


snoopdon said...

Nice new layout!

The ZenFo Pro said...

Lol thanks! I'm really starting to think that yeah, the Blogosphere is a living, breathing seems everybody gets the same urges at app. the same time occassionally, like clockwork :)

Yeah, the ol' ZFP was getting a bit too squishy and needed some major Fruit Fresh to keep it edible ;)

LMAO! What the hell? I get half-nekkid for a profile pic in a Cowboy Hat and everybody goes all Brokeback ;)

That's how I dress during the most "real" country guys dress on hot days. City folk really need to just let the whole Brokeback thing go... ;D

Thanks, chica...yeah, I'm sortof a dark-and-stark guy myself. And the old banner was driving me nuts, too (how can I ever talk about fair use and copyright with a montage of pirated images gracing the banner? )

Lol...James Dean v. Cowboy look? Hmmm...what if I went all Paul Newman, a la "Cool Hand Luke?" :D

Ah, muchas gracias, my dear! And yeah, you've seen my "other" summer

Hey thanks, man!

--spared-- said...

Ummm... ok. I'll try to forget Heath and Jake... yum... eh... ok... I should get back to work. Ahem...

Smurf said...

Looks good... like the new face lift