Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Digesting the Web, One Byte at a Time...

I started the ZenFo Wire a while back; I'd intended for it to be a regular feature. Jeez, how time flies...and how work seems to pile on when one actually has fun for a change. No time for a long, thought-out check these out instead.

- Jason

Artist's Professional Web Site
Happiness is a Warm Gun, Stella's LiveJournal Blog

I found Stella's site accidentally this afternoon.

While cleaning up my Bookmarks tab on the ZenFo Pro work machine, I opened up a new Firefox window and found a review of her work at Boing Boing, of all places.

Lord, I think I've found a new favorite up-and-coming artist in this extremely talented New York-based painter and illustrator.

Check out her 2006 portfolio...amazing stuff. Great lines, the blurring of crisp strokes and wonderfully chaotic, almost erotic stainwork.

Peter Ballantyne et al., eds.

The hottest read in global knowledge management and development. I discovered this open-access, peer-reviewed online journal a few weeks ago and have become addicted to its quality, scope, and sheer badass-ness in terms of my own research interests.

Cooper, girl, I'm assigning you some summer reading:

An interview with Kingo Mchombu: Knowledge sharing in Africa: the key to poverty alleviation? Interviewed by Dina El Halaby. KM4D. Vol. 2 No. 1, 2006.
There is perhaps no other equalizer of humanity than the ability to accumulate knowledge, to build upon information, to create from nothing more than thought. And there is no part of the world more in need of knowledge sharing than its poorest and most exploited region.

As a librarian, I do my part to fight information poverty here in the More Developed World every damned day, simply showing up for work. That's the coolest part, for me, in what I do for a living. And I owe it to my colleagues on the other side of the world to help them, any way I can, help their clients.

Most (but sadly, not all) librarians and library staff do the same thing, whether we're helping patrons find a good book to read, teaching college students how to effectively utilize databases and other online resources, advocating for greater access and funding for knowledge products, or simply showing that Little Old Lady from Pasadena how to set up a web-based email account.

Ogbuefi Stephi,
blOgbuefi, July 2006

I'm not the only one who calls Oxford home who's been having weird ex moments.

I debated whether or not to actually include Steph's tale here because, well, I know a little bit more about the backstory than she posts. And I've met the ex, which puts me in a rather awkward situation.

But, well, the fact that he's been treating a wonderful person, not to mention one of Oxford's most energetic community activists, like shit for too long leaves me no choice.

Hey, if I'll piss in a local college alum's new convertible for sexually harassing a hardworking bartender friend, then I have no qualms whatsoever in calling a fellow OxBlogger's ex a douchebag.

A very talented artist, but, yeah, a douchebag nonetheless.

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Four words -- I SAW SHAYNA'S ASS. And now she's taken the photo down, so you missed it. But it was a very cute ass...

Belle of the Brawl's Sar is quite possibly one of the most savvy media critics to come out of the ZenFo Pro home state of Virginia...

Well, happy damned birthday, Ms. Savage, and may the powers that be grant you many more...

THL is not afraid to get all introspective and shit when it comes to the word SLUT. This is perhaps her most revealing, most insightful post ever. And, well, anybody who still wishes to use the word slut after reading her story, well...

MizB. needs some love, since her extended family has been driving her nuts lately...

And my main man G. over at Library Bitch is back with a passion - and the legendary Photoshopping Posts have returned!

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"Why are you doing chin-ups? Why are you showing off? There are no girls watching."

- A coworker, observing my less-than-traditional use of
traditional library steel shelving frames.

"Long night? What were you doing last night? Or who were you doing?"

- A coworker, after observing that I looked tired.

"So... I'm going to Skippers after I get out of class tonight. If you want to call me, you can. You don't have to, if your busy..."

- MU business major, female, after helping her find a Mac workstation


Ogbuefi Stephi said...

hey you.
glad to see the sympathy. yeah, ex moments are a bitch and a half.

and um... "talented?" i'd say that's using the term pretty loosely.

now, i'm not doing this to be mean or bitter (though God knows i can be both those things), but i think being a *talented artist* requires one to produce art that serves a social purpose, something that is more than mere artifice. and that, unfortunately, is the problem with his work. i never would have said this when we were together because you have to support each other and be positive and etc. but really...

his work is great. but too esoteric and "artistic" (in the strictest theoretical sense) for its own good. it's no more than a good time to watch and listen to, but not accessible to serve its political purpose.

who knows though, maybe that *is* its purpose.

geeez... went off on that one.

thanks for agreeing: he IS a douche.


Anonymous said...

Most men are douchebags just so you know :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the props ... although sadly, the Top40s aren't actually mine ... they were done by ActionAid to make a point about the unfulfilled AIDS promises of the last G8 meetings. If only I had the talent to pull off something as good as those ... [wistful sigh] ... some day.

Speaking of which, the entire collection of LB Original Photoshopping is now posted at, which I will of course continue to update.

Oh, and my favorite quote of the day is a part of a conversation (glad I didn't catch the whole thing!)

[Female voice] "I don't know ... it's itchy, like a rash, but I'm not sure ..."

[Male voice] "Yeah, I think I know what you're talking about ... I had something like that develop last year."

At which point the guy gets up and closes the door to his office, with the girl still in there. Comparison time, perhaps? Ewwww.


shayna said...

LOL... you didn't see my complete ass... just the "tip" of the ;) ...

do love G's photoshopping and did check out the artist... pretty cool...

cooper said...

I should slap you for giving me more work - thank Jason.

Yea it was you who made me know for sure it was her ass- that finger thing you wrote over there had me questioning what I knew to be true. lol

I am going to check out more of your links when i have time but it seems that it at a premium these days.

Anonymous said...


Very cool.

lol you probably shouldn't drink with girls who drink at skippers. it's like the stadium - full of kiddies.if you want a real woman well look me up sometime ;D

I don't think you're really a librarian but you don't look like one. i spend most of my time at brill and mostly i see very fat mean women.

Miz BoheMia said...

Awesome artist and my what a plugalicious post! Gracias for the sweeet words and oooweee! A new pic of you! Go cowboy!

I, by the way, miss Shayna's ass! *sigh* Oh well!

The ZenFo Pro said...

Chica, I felt so bad after reading your posts - I had to say something. I honestly had no clue that you didn't know about your ex's new live-in. I run into them all the time whilst out for coffee. If I'd known you were in the dark about it, I would've given you a call, honestly.

Art-wise, J. is a talented artist, abeit probably a bit too caught up in his own self-importance. He's had lots of profs and fellow students in a tiny-ass college town tell him how wonderful he is, and somehow I've always gotten the impression that he thinks the rest of the world feels the same way. It isn't accessible to the everyday, non-avante garde set - that's a huge problem.

I always wondered what you were doing with the guy. Sure, it's cool to date the older grad student, but you're so much more fun to hang out with than that and, well, you're easier to talk to.

Basically chica, you can do so much better than J. Seriously. And no more self-loathing, missy - you're, hands down, one of the hottest smart girls at Miami - just by being who you are. Don't let somebody else's artistic and personal bullshit get in the way of you finding you.

Lol...yeah, not gonna argue with ya there.

I finally link to th photoshopping work you do, and it's not even yours...I do actually prefer yours to the Top40s - yours are a bit more inside-jokish, which adds some mystery.


Well, I didn't show my complete chest, either... :P

Nice drawers there, hon.

Aw, come know you love it!

And realize that I did indeed spend way too much time in the French Quarter in grad school, so slapping may be misinterpretted as foreplay, depending on where ya slap me :D

Oh lord, is time a sucks big monkey balls sometimes.

Anon No. 2:
Yup, I'm really a librarian. And if you spend time in Brill, I'd recommend moseying up towards Uptown Oxford to another popular library here in town, between 8:30ish and 5-7p.m. during the week if you want to run into me.

And, lol, you're right about Skipper's and the Stadium....way too many underaged drinkers for my taste as well.

Ooh! New word! "Plugalicious" indeed :)

Yeah, Shayna's ass has obviously become such a hot topic around the Blogosphere, lol. But it was much more fun to look at than most of what I have to check out around here. Very provocative, indeed. Filling the void since our dear Cooper's last ass-post.

Btw, have I ever mentioned that you and Shayna are two of my favorite MILFs? ;)

Seriously, ya'll are some of the hottest moms on the planet, even without images to back that statement.

Oh my...

I'm in a seriously cheeky mood for

shayna said...

LOL... cracking me up!!! a female co-worker and I are always talking about how our clothes don't fit like they should... she cracked up and said well... our problem is we have no ass. WELL... I beg to differ... LOL!!!!!

Thanks, Jason... not so bad yourself! :)

Anonymous said...

omg! you're the hottie library construction guy! my roommate has a HUGE crush on you.

k know i know that D chick you were talking about must be like retarded. do you know ho many girls i know who use the library think you're like cute

sory drunk not sure if i'm doing this write. those letter things drive me nuts


The ZenFo Pro said...


Baby definitely got back ;)

Anon # 3:
Lol...tell your roomie to quit oggling the hired help ;)

Actually, thanks. Nah, D.'s not retarded...things just didn't work out. That's actually so sweet, really. As long as these friends of yours are actually using my library for personal enrichment and scholarship, then I'm good with that :)

Don't worry about being intoxicated. I realize the word verification is annoying, even when sober. But it does tend to keep the spammers away...