Sunday, July 16, 2006

Filler Post #330-446-53A

I was going to post something about this weekend tonight, but I'm too damned exhausted and sunburnt to hell.

To reflect the summer months, I snapped a new profile pic. Several people actually complained about the profile pic (from the offline world) and suggested I put something a little less provocative up as an online representation.

Lol...since Shayna chickened out on the Half-Nekkid Thursday thing, and, well, to simply piss people off who complained that a frigging JPEG somehow gives a false impression of who I am as a professional...


Yup, that's how I dress out of the office, when it's hotter than hell and you don't have an air-conditioned pick-up (better for the environment.)

See, as a guy, unlike my friend on the Music Highway, I can post a topless photo without it being considered pornographic, and, well, nobody's going to email me wanting me to show my boobs.




cooper said...

I'm glad she chickened out cuz I want to be the one to take that photo.

I like the other picture better but then again cowboy hats and me do not go well together.

I know how you feel i am battling a case of poison ivy all up my back.

Anonymous said...

Well, there won't be any topless G appearing anytime soon, either. Don't quite think the world is ready for such horror.

Got some albums for you to check out, J. Stop by LB and let me know what you think.


shayna said...

LOL... who said the pic was of my boobs...

It was actually my ass... in lace... hehehe! ;)~

Nice pic... BTW... love the *ahem* hat...

pia said...

Very interesting picture--thought that it was Shayna's husband in the buff she was not showing :-)

Smurf said...

You look alot like Kenny Chesney in that picture. You remind me more of you in this, I can see your big eyes. I like the shells on the hat.

The ZenFo Pro said...

Cooper: wanna take pics of Shayna's ass???

Why am I not surprised.


Hey man, checked out the awesome photoshopping of the politicos' greatest misses.

Lol. Hey, I'm sure they weren't ready for my horror, either...but I dig horror flicks, so... :)


Ass pics?

Lol...the "*ahem*" hat? What'san "ahem" hat?

Yea, not my best self-portrait, but, well I was hot, tired, and didn't feel like spending too much energy on it. And I can get away with it whilst the students are out of town. I'll change it back the closer it gets to school.

Ah...Shayna's hubby? Hmmm...

I hope you weren't thinking of him in the lace drawers... ;)

Kenny Chesney?!?

I have big eyes?!?


shayna said...

Well... "ahem" hat... is well... I really don't know...

How about this... nice hat, nice eyes, nice chest!

*Ahem* blushing... :)~

shayna said...

Coop... you want to take a photo of my chest??? Alrighty then... WOOOO HOOO!!! KINKY!!! :)~ LOL!

The ZenFo Pro said...

Lol...thanks, chica!!!

Hey, this is turning into a rather kinky comment string, isn't it?


Smurf said...

OK isn't Kenny Chesney that cute guy that Rene Zellwiger married and they had their marriage anulled? He has some videos on the beach.

And yes Mr Jason you have very big beautiful eyes! (You know you do!)

lol *hugs*

Anonymous said...

Oh wow. I'm gonna be spending a lot of time in the library next semester.

Can I check you out? :)

King Girl said...

um you should dress like that a work. if you don't mind me asking what's going on in the computer lab? and why do you wear a tape measure and pager? are you a drug dealer or something? is it true were getting a starbucks in the library too?
Sorry writing a paper and bored. cool blog. do you have a facebook acct?

The ZenFo Pro said...

Smurf:'re asking the wrong guy, hon :)

Um...not available for check-out, but, if you're nice about it, they may make me available for in-huse use :)

King Girl:
Lmao...with a nom de post like that, I'm gonna guess you spend a lot of time in my library...

I would answer your questions on the blog, but I try not to discuss work-related things on my personal time. If you see me on the job, feel free to grab me and ask away. Lol, boss of bosses requires me to wear a pager these days and the tape measure is, well, standard equipment for what I do.

cooper said...

ha ha I knew it was your ass, I have taken pictures of enough of them. Jason mentioned fingers and I thought it was a trick.

Smurf said...

I am asking the wrong guy cuz I said he was cute or because he sings country? ;)