Monday, June 12, 2006


So work's been kicking my ass the past two weeks.

I spent a portion of today, for example, removing steel doors, swinging a sledgehammer, and picking splinters out of my hands.

Let me put it this way, for those stereotypical Bunheads out there...

If you ever see my ugly mug sitting across the room from you in an interview at your institution, well, odds are I'm being interviewed because your institution needs someone who can cut through the red tape, get major projects revitalized, coordinated, and moving forward, and can literally smash library stereotypes.

That, my friends, is my sinister "What kind of librarian am I?" hint of the month.

God, I love my job.

I haven't had much time to make the Blogosphere rounds lately; I promise I'll be back on a more regular schedule sometime towards the end of the week.

Until then...


Breast Implants and PhotoShopping Clauses?

Okay, so I occasionally come across bizarre-ass celebrity slop when scanning the search engines for items about Information and Communication Technologies and their usage...

April MacIntyre recently posted an interesting, if not downright cryptic, item at Monsters and Critics June 10.

The way-too-short piece begins with a statement from some plastic surgery web portal regarding breast augmentation and implant procedures. Out of nowhere, the author name-drops Janet Jackson and Christina Aguilera, with no explanation whatsoever.

The piece ends with a rather off-the-cuff statement:
... Actors are getting savvy to "Photoshop" fixes for Film through digital intermediate post technology. They are scrambling to have their agents write their contracts to include "digital retouching" for every frame they are in.
Hey, don't look at me. No fucking clue, either.


cooper said...

And the sad thing is the women out there think those people really look like that. There are more beautiful women notin film than in film we have just been fooled into thinking otherwise.

Casey Kochmer said...

What kind of librarian am I?

well with that type of iconclastic bombastic excitement of smashing library stereotypes . I would hazard the guess: An out of work Librarian... :)


hey :) I have links to some of your stories in a new wiki I created: wu-wei wiki

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I would love your feedback and energy. It's an experiement I realize, but in a free flowing sense. Trying not to define it, but let the community itself define it as it gets created : hence wu-wei wiki...

let me know if you like it :)


kT said...

Any day that includes a sledgehammer is a good day, if a sore one.

But then, I work with buildings.

Cowgirl said...

I absolutely agree with Cooper; there are much prettier women NOT in the acting industry than in.

Glad you like your job. I would be happy too if I got to smash shit with a sledge hammer.

shayna said...

LOL... that is funny... I read the piece before finishing your post and didn't understand it either...


Trying to picture you with one of those buns... :) LOL!

Miz BoheMia said...

I really don't get why women would fuck up their bodies like that... mine are small ladies and THANK GOD! I have had them big with my pregnancies and they simply get in the way! ;-P

Well, for women to want to emulate others to begin with is pretty sad and pathetic. Learn to like what you see in the mirror and if not, then get a healthy makeover via exercise, the correct diet and good fashion tips...

As for you amigo mio... neener, neener to all cause I know what kinda librarian he is but I ain't telling so pffffft! ;-P

Feels good to be a part of the inner circle fo' sho'!

semantaics said...

I agree with KT. There's nothing like accomplishing something physical in a strictly informational job. I hope I never run out of such projects here.

Anonymous said...

Hi. April Here.

Let me clarify my article.
The title of the article was "You're fine, just the way you are."

I quote the Plastic surgery center's neat and tidy little sumary of a boob job.

"Sounds like a snap. But recently posted photos of Christina Aguilera and a newly slimmed down Janet Jackson show the devil is in the details.

Now actors are getting savvy to "Photo shop" fixes for Film through digital intermediate post technology. They are scrambling to have their agents write their contracts to include "digital retouching" for every frame they are in."

Photoshop? are you familar with it?
Our website is heavy on film and technology insider stuff. Now, filmmakers can literally erase wrinkles, imperfections and fat tummies digitally ON FILM. Thus elimanating the need for plastic surgery-especially the jacked-up kind like Janet jackson and Christina recently had.

That's what I was referencing. sorry I made you scratch your head.
The point of it all was,
People, you are FINE just the way you are. I believe the plastic surgery craze needs to calm down.
April, from Monsters and Critics.
More details? See "beauty and the beast" my regular column on that web site.