Monday, March 13, 2006

Interactive Media Monday

NOTE - There is absolutely no point to this post.

- Jason, the Zenformation Professional


Ever Somber [MP3] - Dälek, Absence (Ipecac, 2004).

My man Chewie found this old cast of mine (above) while cleaning house in Los Angeles.
Long story. One day, I may post about how, exactly, I broke three knuckles.

Obviously, Dec. 16, 2002, was not a happy day in the life of the ZenFo Pro....

A rather interesting woman from Cincinnati snapped a few pics of me in my office Saturday.

A few weeks ago, I reluctantly agreed to be part of her portfolio project in exchange for a free shot to send family and friends. We'd met briefly in a Cincinnati record store and exchanged business cards.

Well, I never thought she'd call, dammit.

This one (right) is a leftover she didn't want. I thought I'd post it. I kinda sorta dig it.

And check out the new profile pic - again, another castaway she e-mailed me this morning.

Thank goodness my mug didn't break the camera.

Who the hell would want to snap my picture anyway?


cooper said...

Like the new picture, It does seem as though yu like the color black and you hardly look like a librarian.

The ZenFo Pro said...

Lol...I was accused this morning of actually being a catholic priest. I do own gray tee shirts...they come in the two-packs ;)

SeizeTheNite said...

Nice pics.
Though I have to agree with Cooper, I'd never peg you for a librarian.

Note: I like posts that have absolutely no point.

zydeco fish said...

I don't look like a librarian either :-) Honest.

Smurf said...

holy moly, you werent joking when you said you lost weight... what's your diet again... wow jay... you look sooo different from the last time I saw you.

Smurf said...

and umm... btw Jason you are hot. Just had to tell you.

Anonymous said...

Them's fine pictures, J. BTW, what exactly DOES a librarian look like?

And of course, black is very practical. Goes with everything and doesn't show the dirt. Unless you have a non-black cat. Then you're screwed. I tell people I wear black as part of my contract with the Artist's Union. I have to wear black a certain percentage of the time or they'll kick me out.

shayna said...

See... I told you you were a sexy librarian. None of my librarian's looked like you... ;)

Post that have no points are sometimes the best... ;)

The ZenFo Pro said...

Lol...I get that a lot. Even when this girl showed up a my office Saturday, the stack of punk and indie comps through her off. And the fishbowl with the Virgin Mary figurine inside.

See, this is why female library staff end up totally despising male library staff ;)

Wish it were a diet. I pretty much live off beans, tofu, vegie corndogs, etc. I gave up sugar, red meat...damn...maybe that's why? Plus, I do 4 stories worth of Stairmaster 8-10 hours a day, six days a week :)

Thanks. Don't think I look any different. And then there's the wierd eye angle. A staffer who saw the photo also compared me to a member of the Alkaline Trio...think that was meant as a compliment.

Thanks. No clue. But the stereotype persists.

Exactly. Love black, blue, solid colors. Artist's Union? Lol...I've still got my Punker's Local No. 333 card somewhere around here...

Oh, dear, find me a job back down in the South. That was totally precious. I'm actually blushing.

Smurf said...

So,Jason what do Veggie CORNDOGS TASTE LIKE? that sounds... very... um... different... lol... interesting... d: