Saturday, January 07, 2006

Zenfo Pro Template Redesign Part of New Year's Resolution...And Plan to Rule the World

I decided to redo the ZenFo Pro Template.

After a few days of hand-coding some HTML (Dreamweaver, eat your heart out), I think I'm finally satisfied.

Ever see Army of Darkness? The part where the wizard asks Ash if he said the right words before lifting the Necronomicon from its cradle?

Converting a two-column layout to a three-column layout reminded me of that.

Everything should work the same as before - basically. Klaatu Verrata ...

I've added some new content, including a direct e-mail link, news resources, some of my Cold Archives Experiment tracks, etc. I'll be adding more...when I get time.

Wow. One New Year's resolution down, two to go.

I've tested in Firefox 1.5 and Internet Explorer, but I don't use Opera, Netscape or any other browser. Let me know if you have any problems.


- Jason, The Zenformation Professional


Anonymous said...

Lke the re-design, esp. the link to KDHX, my favorite radio station. Do you ever listen to WOXY? Used to be the only good thing in Oxford, OH, until they got chased off the airwaves and onto the net.

Anonymous said...

You are an Army of Darkness/Bruce Cambell fan? You just went up a notch in Bob's book!

The ZenFo Pro said...

Thanks...coding a CSS by hand is a bitch and a half. WOXY is so hard to get into these days. I've tried, but they're now based in Cincy I think. I've thought about adding the local college radio station, but frankly, aside from a few shows, WMSR just isn't very "college radio."

Give me some sugar, baby....of course! Bruce Campbell is one of my idols. AOD is one of the best drinking movies of all time. I'm usually a fan of celluloid cheese, particularly anything that involves reanimated dead people :)

Smurf said...

I think it looks good.

Anonymous said...

Try WOXY Vintage. I like it better, but I'm an old fart ;-) I still prefer KDHX. I even have it set on my car radio, and I got to StL only twice a year!

Other occasionally listenable stations in your area: WNKU and WAIF, if you can get them in. WYSO, also, if you can get it.

kendra said...

i really like the three-column look. if i had the energy (and didn't just bust-up my blog), i might have done it this weekend.

it always pains me to hear about college radio stations going under. i can't imagine what like would be like without KALX.