Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Zenformation Playlist November 8, 2005:
Been a While Since I posted One of These Things...

1. Dust My Broom - Robert Johnson
You can't Beat Robert Johnson for a Monday evening. Right now, I'd sell my soul to the Devil to play delta blues guitar like that.

2. Don't Make Waves (LIVE) - The Gossip
Needed a little aggression and guitar-and-drums. And that lousy small club live recording sound.

3. Removed - Calexico
Not one of my favorite Calexico tracks, but, as they say, any port in a storm.

4. Rape the Day - Tomahawk (MP3)
Mike Patton is probably one of the hardest working musicians out there. Yeah, he was the Faith No More frontman. He's rocked out with bands Fantomas and Mr. Buggle. Tomahak is a musical project that includes members of the Melvins, Helmet, and the Jesus Lizard.

5. Change the World with My Hockey Stick - The Vandals (MP3)
Such a bizarre song to come out of...well, Southern California.

6. Rock Me Amadeus - Falco
Yes, I know, its frigging Falco. I think this song is banned in about 23 countries by now. But I'm having flashbacks, I think. I swear I actually saw a guy who looked like Falco this afternoon.

7. The Winds of War - Jedi Mind Tricks
Occassionally, I'm bump this song whilst watching footage from Iraq. A good portion of those fighting over there - dying over there - are hip-hop fans. Its a shame more rappers are worried about selling Pimp Juice and plastering diamonds in their grills than speaking out against the slaughter of their fan base. Oh yeah, I forgot! Hip-hop's not about speaking out anymore. Silly me.

8. What a Wonderful World - Joey Ramone
Shortly bfore he died, Joey recorded a solo album that included this opening track. Not as good as most of the Ramones catalog, but still an awesome Louis Armstrong cover.

9. Out of Control - Rocket From the Crypt
Another punk/ska band in the same vein as the previous track.

10. There's No Way I Can Talk Myself Out of This One Tonight - Texas is the Reason
Long song title. Interesting little ditty that I haven't heard in a while.

11. Come Back Jackie - The Toy Dolls
One of those damned catchy, classic Brit punk songs. Annoying vocals that are somehow melodic. Three chords. At three minutes, a regular frigging power ballad when compared to most punk songs of its era.


KFigment said...

I have been looking for Falco. I had it on my computer at one time and something happened. I have to find it again. Thanks for the reminder.

Divine Miss P. said...

Falco rocks! So does the Gossip!

zydeco fish said...

Falco was realy banned? I can't figure that out.

kendra said...

the college radio station i worked at almost put all of its falco records into "cold storage" because the thought nobody would play them and they needed more room. i saved them all and programmed exlcusively from them for 2 shows.

"wiener blut" is a good song.

The ZenFo Pro said...

Falco Mp3s tend to this. Never trust German-language Mp3s. They like to hide.Can't find any of my Can this evening. Or Scorpions.

Yes, he does. As does Amedeus. :)

Just a bit of Sarcasm. MTV overplayed the hell out of this song when I was a kid. Should've said MTV should be banned.

LOL. Way to get the save, girl! Weiner blut is pretty badass.