Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Teens, Guns, Murder, and Cyberspace... PART II

Messages leave few clues to teens' fate
In Web postings Lititz pair discusses soccer, prayer groups, computers, Music

Susan E. Lindt, And Aileen Humphreys,
The Lancaster (PA) Intelligencer Journal

LANCASTER COUNTY, PA - and never could have known their private Web sites would become public fodder.

The Lititz teenagers were whisked from public view Monday after their televised capture in Indiana, but their online diaries, or blogs, now are being consumed by the public.

They paint a picture of two teens interested in prayer, sports, computers, friends and "hanging out." Their lighthearted postings give little clue of the violent path their lives would take...


There may be a few folks out in the Blogosphere operating under the erroneous assumption that blogs are somehow private affairs, that simply by not choosing to list something in a public directory makes information secure. Or that faculty, parents, employers, etc, can't get access to services like the , leaving one free to slander, discuss "secret" relationships, etc.

And let's not forget that there are some crazy nutjobs floating around cyberspace.

NOTHING is completely secure . Never assume otherwise. Someone will always be able to track information down.

Want to protect your personal information and garauntee ? Try the old-fashioned paper journal.

The is the Wild West of information. And you never know, really, if those reading are the valant heroes in white hats or sinister villians in black hats.


Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...

We used to call facebook the F--k book - same with myspace. I also never post on the websites our school gives us for that specific purpose.
Parents will be scrolling thsoe computer logs now won't they?

Smurf said...

crazy... well hon... I don't have your number so I couldn't call you if I tried. I hope things are well! *hugs*

The ZenFo Pro said...

Yeah, appropriate name for Facebook. School web sites are great...for posting schoolwork, but not for blogging, definitely. Way too much information out there recklessly posted.

You lost my number?!? LOL...I'll give you a call soon, then.