Friday, October 21, 2005

Zenformation Playlist 10/21/05:
Aha! Its Happy Fridays, Happy Hour Coming!

1. Me and Mia - Ted Leo/Pharmicists
From the 2004 Lookout! Release, Shake the Sheets.

2. Ride the Nuclear Wave - The Oranges Band
Another Lookout! artist, from their 2005 release.

3. Mince Meat - DangerDoom (MF Doom and Danger Mouse)
What do you get when a emcee named for a Marvel Comics villian and a DJ who wears a mouse suit on stage record an album based on Cartoon Network cartoons?

4. Mission - The Phenomenauts
I've never really been able to figure out these guys. Are they rockabilly? Are they Devo disciples? Either way, still dig these guys from East Bay.

6. You Move - Blackalicious

I've always been a fan of the use of random heavy distortion guitar samples in hip-hop. And complex rhymes and that old school flow. This track actually reminds me of a song called "Suzie's World," by Professor Griff. I know, pretty random.

7. El Diablo en el Ojo - Tindersticks

When I was a radio DJ many moons ago, I remember I was never cool enough to play any Tindersticks, especially anything off this track off their 1995's Tindersticks Second Album. Now, every acoustic quasi-emo folk artist collaborative wants to do projects like this.

8. By the Time I Get to Arizona - Public Enemy

I remember vividly the controversy surrounding this song. Chuck D wanted to send a message to Arizona politicians, who cited the state's lack of an African-American population as reason enough for not honoring the memory of Martin Luther King. So Chuck and co. issued this track, with the help of Sista Soulja, with a line that was interpretted as a death threat against the then-Arizona governor.

9. Quarto - Calexico

10. Midnight in a Perfect World - DJ Shadow
From the 1996 release Entroducing...

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