Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Ever Have One of those Days...

...when the only thing you want to do after work is put on the Breeders' Last Splash album, light a few candles, burn some incense, and just feel yourself breathe?

When work goes to hell, there's always those peaceful times when nobody's around - no cell phone vibrating in my pocket, no office phone ringing off the hook, no computer crashes, no people in and out of the office.

Have a bit of turkey and some yogurt. Do my push-ups as the disc changer flips over to the Dogmatics' 1981-1986 (Vagrant CD compilation, 1998), probably one of the best underground acts in the history of underground music.

Sometimes, Tuesday nights can be as wonderful as Friday nights.


Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...

Yeah for you, that sounds nice.
For me Tuesday has turned into Wednesday and I 'm still writing a paper. No incense and no distractions.
I hae to do with Fridays for now.

Carla said...

Hi, Jason.

Great to hear from you. And thanks for linking. :)

I'd like to have my Tuesdays like that. Also the other days, if possible. But the fact is... I'm even kind of busy in my weekends. Bleh.

But I'm getting better. Getting better.. :)

G said...

On occasion, when the mood strikes, often after a terrible day ...

A little soft funk, a bottle of something strong, and sink into the rhythm, stretched out on the floor, lost in meditatia, a dropout without the dropout.

Think I'll be there tonight ... bleh.