Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Texas Governor mum on pastor's musings about Katrina purifying

The Religious Nuts are starting to make the rounds regarding God somehow punishing America/Louisiana for Sin. Its always amazing to me that there are so many clergy in the U.S. today who know longer focus on doctrines of love; instead this select group chooses hateful rhetoric that would make the Third Reich proud.

Purifying? God was trying to purify New Orleans? For its sin? Its "devil-worship?" God has, for some reason, ignored Las Vegas, allowed Amsterdam to stay afloat, and spared Los Angeles and San Franciso, yet one Texas Christian uberSoldier wants to lead folks to believe that God would destroy millions of homes and hundreds of churches and other houses of worship because He doesn't like gay folks?

The Governor of Texas may not have the cajones to stand up and say anything in the face of religious whack-jobs while his state hosts the New Orleans Saints football team and scores of evacuees. Why come out with something meaningful when strategic silence can help minimize the loss of that important American demographic - religious hatemongers. Gotta keep the "I speak for God" nuts happy, else they choose to take their PAC funds somewhere else next election.

To me, Rick Perry's refusal to come out himself and publicly decry this kind of rhetoric is just as bad as standing at a megaphone screaming "God hates Fags" and then wondering why some idiot gets drunk and goes out for a night of "Biblically-inspired" gay-bashing.

Gov. Perry, as a former celebrant in The Rev. Dwight McKissic's house of devil-worship, I proudly give you a two-fingered salute for choosing to be a politico over being a true leader.

And I'm not flashing you the University of Texas Horns, either.


Texas Governor mum on pastor's musings about Katrina purifying
Another pastor who attended says comments were offensive.

W. Gardner Selby
Sunday, September 11, 2005
Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) spoke at two private events this week where a Texas minister wondered if God sent Hurricane Katrina to purify the nation of sins, including homosexuality.
The GOP leader didn't object at the gatherings in San Antonio and Houston on Thursday.

Gubernatorial spokesman Robert Black, contacted Friday, said:
"The governor does not agree with that. But far be it for the governor to try to divine the will of the Almighty."...

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