Monday, August 08, 2005

Zenlike Trance of a Playlist


1. Clocks - The Casual Dots
After all these years removed from the Bikini Kill glory days, I still would do very naughty things with Kathi Wilcox...Okay, maybe I'd just like to hang out with her in a Denny's at 3 a.m.

2. Sister - Sufjan Stevens
From 2004's Seven Swans. Such a downbeat - yet cheerful - song. Reminds me of making love with someone in the desert a long time ago.

3. The Book of Right On - Joanna Newsom
Newsom's voice reminds me of a cross between Kate Bush and Bjork and, strangely enough, my friend Aster's voice. There is just enough soul behind the vocal to make it so much more passionate than your average "indie" fare.

4. The Valleys - Electrelane
This is such a creepy track from 2004. Its church-choir in hell creepy. I think its the harpsichord. But the harmonies are stellar.

5. Something for Nothing - Loudon Wainwright
A ballad about stealing music and the joys of bootlegging.

6. Axe of Deliverance - Hockey Night
Such a catchy song. Too damn catchy. Stuck in my head. Shit. Double shit.

7. Winners and Losers - Social Distortion
Mike Ness can't let his punker-stuck-in-AM-country-radio thing go. Thank God. There's way too much crappy country music out there right now. Somebody has to sing about devils and angels, making tough choices, and fighting your way out of a bad spot.

8. Modern Man's Hustle - Atmosphere
"The first time I met the Devil was at a Motel 6..." Painful.

9. Things - Br. Danielson
A nice Frank Zappaesque tirade against materialism.


Ms. Monkeythong said...

Playlist. Hmm. Do you have an iPod or something?

I'm technologically impaired.

Heck, I still have vinyl. My best friend still has 8-tracks (no, she's not part of the whole trendy Dukes of Hazzard, 7-'s white trash thing. She's 42.)

Ms. Monkeythong said...

oops. Typo. 70's white trash thing

The ZenFo Pro said... iPod, but I do have a Rio Mp3 Player...

I've been in the process of both digitizing and ripping old music to my laptop. I still call them playlists from my radio days...

Hehehehe...I still have some vinyl in storage, and I have the Elvis Christmas Special on double 8-track. (Can't afford to get the player fixed though... )

Smurf said...

It's funny...actually more neat to see how technologically with it you really are. What I mean by that... by your blog, one can tell you OBVIOUSLY are well versed in HTML... YOu have everything digitally organized and are with it enough to comment on each song you plan to! I wish I could be half that organized... I am working on my own form of organization... but am no where near as organized to have things digitally and technologically organized and ready... INCREDIBLE!