Monday, August 29, 2005

WBRZ News 2 Louisiana Live Feed of Katrina Coverage

For those who may be still have power in Southeastern Louisiana or for anyone else interested. People ask, the Zenfo Pro does his bit to help...

I'll continue to keep everyone in my prayers and thoughts. From what I've been able to assess so far, it's bad but nowhere near as bad as was expected.

Watch Live Hurricane Katrina news coverage via the ABC-affiliate WBRZ News 2 Web Feed. The New Orleans ABC affiliate is apparently simulcasting from Baton Rouge. (Requires RealPlayer)

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KFigment said...

FYI cell phones usually get rerouted to new towers when there is a massive outage like in a hurricane and that is probably what will come online 1st. Francis taught me that. They could be without power for over a week. They are in my prayers.